Product Updates

Search Trends 2.0: keywords, niches & industries

When we first developed Search Trends after COVID-19 in March, we knew that agencies needed this kind of data fast, as the pandemic was creating dramatic shifts. So we optimized for time to market. 

Now, we’re launching Search Trends 2.0, the faster, better-looking version we’ve been envisioning since the crisis started. 

And with a new critical feature for your SEO team — the ability to analyze niches and industries

With Search Trends 2.0, you’ll be able to explore:

Keywords — exploding or tanking top keywords and specific keywords you’re targeting, that you can search for just like before.

Niches — collections of keywords that particular websites rank for, and their exploding or tanking trends. For example, if you need to understand how “contact lenses” shifted in demand, you can search for a specific website that sells them.

Industries — collections of keywords that the top websites in the main industries rank for, and their exploding or tanking trends. For instance, a site like TripAdvisor informs the search trends in the Travel industry.

Plus, July data is coming soon.

Try it and find out what’s different!

One more thing:

We’re live on Product Hunt: if you think our Search Trends after COVID is useful for SEO teams, you can upvote us.  

Product Updates

New in SEOmonitor: Data Studio connectors for your SEO forecasts and campaigns

Tracking your SEO agency KPIs in one place and building custom dashboards can help your team make business decisions faster. And in today’s uncertainty, it is even more important to have real-time data, to know your clients’ status at all times, while constantly communicating it.

That’s why we’re launching a suite of Data Studio connectors: to make it easier for you to bring all the important SEOmonitor data in one place, as some of you asked us along the way. You’ll be able to leverage Data Studio’s flexibility with our SEO data on Forecasting, Campaigns, Organic Traffic and Competition:

These connectors allow you to integrate SEOmonitor’s campaign-level metrics, like Visibility, non-brand organic traffic, objective status and more, by aggregating them at a client portfolio level. And they can help show your SEO performance in a compelling visual way.

You can even design persuasive SEO proposals for a potential agency client, pulling our forecasting data and other relevant metrics.

According to your needs, you can use a specific connector, or combine them with other data sources that your agency uses.

To get you started, we’ve also developed a Forecast template (ready to edit) and another one for Organic Traffic is in the works.

Read more on how you can pull the data in our Help section.
And if you want to explore more on why developing an operational dashboard for your SEO agency helps you unlock growth, read our SEJ article on the subject. 

Product Updates

April data #live in Search Trends after COVID-19

Google updated their search volume data, so April is now available in our free Search Trends after COVID-19 tool. 

Discover what shifted in demand in the last months since the pandemic started and what search trends seem to be here to stay. Search by keyword or explore top trending topics from a specific niche through your chosen website filtering.

You’ll be able to keep adjusting your short-term strategies for your clients and find new avenues to test in your content marketing and search campaigns. Try it here!

Product Updates

Discover Exploding Search Trends after COVID-19 by domain

Discovering what’s in demand now is crucial for businesses. After introducing Exploding and Tanking keywords and topics in our Search Trends after COVID-19 tool, we’re releasing a feature that allows SEO agencies to search by domain.

This means you’ll be able to explore all the exploding and tanking search trends narrowed down to the keywords on which the inserted domain ranks for. This way you can understand the new demand in a certain industry and go as narrow as you need to for your clients. 

You can use it to adjust your SEO strategies for your clients and even help them use these insights to adapt or pivot their products or services.

Next week, we’ll launch Exploding and Tanking domains so you’ll see which niches are growing and which are decreasing based on search trends, not rankings. You’ll be able to use them to redefine your client profile when looking for new business.

You can also read more about why we’re constantly optimizing this tool and ways to use Search Trends after COVID-19 in our Library.

Product Updates

Custom Groups: New feature in our Report Building Assistant

At the beginning of April, we launched a new Reporting system designed for SEO agencies to make the reporting process 75% more efficient in terms of time and resources allocated. We felt it was even more relevant now as it creates more space for SEO agencies to focus on adjusting strategies and creating new ways to navigate the current pandemic context.

We do that by supporting a streamlined process that includes:

• A dashboard for SEO agencies to manage their reporting process from start to finish – a status overview, alerts for due reports and more so you know where your team stands at all times.

• A smart Report Building Assistant in the form of a Google Slides plugin that helps you create a report within minutes with preprocessed relevant SEO data, automatically generated slides and other custom input, based on your needs.  

• A feedback and engagement tracker that shows you how your clients interact with every monthly report and what their “pulse” is after reading your report.

We’ve listened to your request and we’re launching a new capability for the Report Building Assistant: Custom Groups

Now you can build your reports even faster and forget about screenshots, as you get the flexibility to choose your Custom Groups for Visibility and Competitors insights. 

As with all the other already prepared top insights, our Report Building Assistant automatically pulls the data you need and generates beautifully designed charts & slides with one click. 

If you’re just getting started with SEOmonitor, explore more about Reporting and book a demo to find out all the details. 

If you’ve been with us for some time, please let us help you make the most out of our Reporting solution and talk to one of our product experts.

Product Updates

New Alerts feature: your clients’ health changes in your inbox

We recently introduced the Client Health Tracker in our agency dashboard for SEO teams/managers to know which of their clients are struggling and how their agency’s MRR might be affected, in real-time.  

With a clear view on Business Health after COVID-19 (conversions and sessions) and Campaign Health (SEO objective status), you will be able to act fast on average and bad health and plan for the short-term impact for your clients.

But a dashboard is as good as its frequency usage. We wanted to make the system proactive, so you’re in control and never miss an important change in your clients’ health.
So we’re launching email Alerts, which you’ll get when your campaigns change their Health status.

Triggers are a natural part of any habit and process as they help us react faster. With these actionable Alerts, you’ll know where your agency stands and what action is required of you now: maybe set a leadership meeting as soon as possible, do a post-mortem analysis or even create a crisis cell. 

This feature will be activated by default, but you can deactivate it at any time.

Also, Slack alerts are coming soon, so you can get them on your preferred channels. 

Product Updates

Exploding / Tanking Search Trends after COVID-19

As people’s needs and demands continue to shift after more than a month of quarantine, we wanted to further improve our Search Trends after COVID-19 tool to help SEO agencies discover more than the intuitive trends.

We’re introducing Exploding and Tanking keywords and topics so you can get a deeper understanding of your clients’ industry trends.

You’ll be able to identify relevant content marketing opportunities and even support your clients with data that can help them make critical business decisions.

We’re also working on a filtering option so you can navigate the exploding/tanking keywords and topics beyond the general market trends, by vertical or niche.

Get started and let us know how it’s working for your SEO agency!

Product Updates

A new dashboard for #COVID-19: clients’ business health after the outbreak

Times are harsh for businesses now, so we wanted to better understand what the trends were for our SEO agency clients. To do that we had to understand how their clients’ business was impacted by the outbreak.

And the data showed a concerning trend.​

As tough decisions are still expected, we’re launching the Client Health Tracker today, so agencies will know how their clients’ business is affected along with how their campaign is going, in real time.​

A) Plan for your agency’s churn scenarios

We developed the Client Health Tracker with a focus on how agencies can use SEOmonitor data to plan for the immediate future and stay in control of their revenue, while taking the necessary actions to reduce costs, mitigate risks and so on.

With the new dashboard you’ll be able to see at a glance which clients are in good health and which are at risk, so you understand your portfolio health and better adjust your MRR projections for various business scenarios. 

We do that by processing both the client’s Business Health in terms of traffic and conversions trends after COVID-19, and Campaign Health in terms of expected performance and client feedback. 

B) Actionable client data for stronger relationships

The Business Health and Campaign Health data also lets you decide which clients to focus your attention on right now. Knowing which clients struggle in this particular context helps you prioritize and support them in these challenging times. One way to do that is to identify new search trends that could be leveraged for those who experienced significant drops in demand to generate short-term impact.

Also, by focusing on the clients that suffer the most nowadays, you’ll demonstrate your capabilities as a business consultant even better, which in turn will strengthen your relationship.

One last important thing

In order to make the most of your agency data for the current context, we’ve added the option to calibrate the Search Volumes in SEOmonitor with the Year-over-Year trends, to better reflect the actual search volumes. 

You can select to see the adjusted data that reflects monthly changes more accurately and the whole process is reversible.   ​

Plus you’ll have an annotation on your Visibility Score, signaling when the calibration started.

Product Updates

New feature: A Reporting system designed for SEO agencies

For us, the start of 2020 meant focusing on an integrated reporting system for SEO agencies. It was our biggest project for the first business quarter and an important part of our solutions for better client retention. 

Today, as COVID-19’s market impact continues to grow and both agencies and their clients are struggling with business results and churn rates, client retention is vital. 

If reporting is usually an important part of agency-client communication, in the current context it becomes critical, as it’s all about overcommunicating and keeping your clients closely in the loop. 

That’s why we’re still launching this Reporting solution now. 

It’s designed specifically for SEO agencies and their reporting process, making it 75% more efficient in terms of time and resources allocated. That means more time for SEO agencies and their teams to focus on supporting clients with pivoting business strategies, adapting short-term tactics, and constantly being proactive in a radically shifting market.  
It’s not just another reporting solution, but rather a streamlined process to have these critical conversations in due time and keep clients with you in the long run:​

A) Stay in control of your Reporting process:

The Reporting system as a whole is designed so you get to be in control of your process month by month. You’ll know where you stand at any given moment, having all of your agency reports organized in one place, for your whole team: 

  • You can set monthly reporting periods and alerts, so you know the status across the agency for all your reports.
  • A dashboard with the status of reports per client (due, overdue, submitted or not submitted), so you can take the necessary actions. Plus, email notifications so you can send the reports on time.

B) 75% less time for creating the report with the Report Building Assistant

Fully automating client reports is a bad idea, because you’re not in control of the story you need to tell or the data you must showcase at that particular moment. And more importantly, both your account manager and the client will be less engaged with that data. Yet, the process of gathering insights for every report can be a time-consuming struggle. 

We combined human creativity with the power of computer data-crunching and optimized for time and resources, with a Report Building Assistant in the form of a Google Slides plugin that goes the extra mile:

  • The assistant automatically pulls top insights from SEOmonitor, so you can choose already prioritized SEO data to include in your reports, in minutes.
  • With one click, you can select the insights you want and we’ll also automatically generate visually appealing Google slides.
  • Use Google Slides’ flexibility and further build your report with more custom input, and adapt it to your specific client story.
  • You can create your report from scratch or use an existing agency template, having brand consistent presentations across your SEO teams.

C) Feedback & engagement tracker – get your client’s pulse at the best time:

As monthly reporting is the time to showcase SEO results and business outcomes, it’s also the perfect moment to get the client’s pulse, especially during fast context shifts.

We facilitate this process by gathering the needed data just as your client finishes reading the report:

  • Tracking every monthly report and offering insights on report engagement: likes, number of opens and time spent on specific slides. 
  • Getting data about client satisfaction, as they can rate how they feel about the monthly report, after having gone through it.
  • Letting clients love a certain slide to highlight their engagement with it.

One last thing:

If you’re just getting started with SEOmonitor, explore more about Reporting and book a demo to find out all the details. 

If you’ve been with us for some time, please let us help you make the most out of our Reporting solution and talk to one of our product experts.

Schedule a meeting

P.S.  We’ve written an in-depth article about how reporting ties into client retention and how to design a better process that you can explore on Search Engine Journal.

Product Updates

Search Trends after COVID-19 & more

Humanity is going through challenging times. And with it, the global economy. Travel and tourism demand evaporated overnight. Most of us spend a lot more time in front of our screens. Many of us are working from home. Some of us don’t have a job anymore.

People’s interest in information, products and services changed. That is not reflected in the data we rely on. Search volumes were 12-months averages because it made sense in a stable world. Today they’re misleading. They significantly shifted and will continue to shift. Agencies need a way to understand these trends and help their clients make critical business decisions based on them.

That’s why we’ve decided to share our Year-over-Year data, which proves critical in understanding how the COVID-19 context changed customer interest and demand. With this data, SEO agencies can proactively support their clients in understanding market trends now.

Today, we’re launching Search Trends after COVID-19, a free tool for SEO teams to get Year-over-Year search trends at a keyword level and at a topic level, looking at the last full month of the current year versus the same month of last year (Feb. 2020 vs. Feb. 2019, for instance). This is a good indicator of how the COVID-19 context actually impacted search volumes, as it evades seasonality.

That means that soon (around April 10), you’ll have the data ready for March 2020 versus March 2019, and access to even more actual data, as we continue to update it on a monthly basis.

In terms of data sources: 

  • we’re using the last 13 months data from Google Ads’ Keyword Planner, with SEOmonitor’s close variations aggregation system, meaning you get a search volume that represents the sum for all the close variants for the main keyword you’re analyzing. 
  • we’re using our Topics tool to present the search trend at a topic level, for keywords with similar search intent. We’ve included this part in order to give you data on the broader impact on the respective niche, category, or intent.

The data is available for the US & UK markets, so you can start using it as we speak!

How you can use Search Trends right now:

We want to support the SEO industry weather this storm, as YoY data directly reflects the shifts in demand for products, services and information, and is crucial for businesses now. 

SEO agencies can bring new, different value to their customers in this context. They can become close partners for their clients, helping them see opportunities in new demands, and being their consultants in difficult times. 

Let’s say you have a retailer as a client and you see drops in certain types of product demand, but there may be other types of products that are currently on the rise. You can fastly grasp the opportunity with an accurate Search Trend available to present to said client. 

It’s a good way to pivot, look at how customer behaviours change and be there to meet the new demand. 

So, give Search Trends after COVID-19 a go.

What we’re doing next:

We’re focusing all our resources to develop tools and content to help SEO agencies better navigate this crisis.

That’s why we’re currently calibrating our platform Search Volume data and, consequently, the Visibility metric, to reflect the changes in the current context and be useful to you, as you control your input. 

Also, the next tool we’re launching soon is a Client Health Tracker for agencies, so you know how your clients’ business is affected along with how their campaign is going. With it, you can understand which clients are struggling the most and need immediate attention, and how your revenue might be impacted. It’s another tool that can help you push through uncertain times. But more on that in the following days.

And if you want to ask more questions, brainstorm and be part of the conversation with other SEO agencies, join Office Hours – a weekly live chat with SEO agencies guests and practical advice for what you can do for your own agency.


One final word: We’ve developed the Search Trends after COVID-19 in a week and optimized it for time to market, as we wanted the product to be useful as soon as possible. We need your help to make it better, so please use the button for reporting errors any time you encounter something that should be improved.