Flexible to your agency's needs

SEOmonitor's costs are based on tracked keywords, with daily rankings on mobile and desktop.

Pricing that's actually fair

We removed all those 'upgrades' that others are charging for. You get all the features, with unlimited users and unlimited API access on a simple keyword based fee. Need to scale down a little? Just archive a campaign and pricing drops as well.
There's also an annual plan that gives two months off.


How much for 1.000 keywords tracked?

Under 1.000

Starter pricing

1.000 keywords
94 €/mo


Pricing per 1000 = 33,33 €

10.000 keywords
330 €/mo

Tens of thousands

Pricing per 1000 = 28,82 €

50.000 keywords
1410 €/mo

+10 €/mo for a website

Switch for free

If you are an SEO agency that already uses another vendor, you could get SEOmonitor for free during your existing contract. We easily import all the data complete with historic rankings.

One more thing

We care about helping SEO agencies grow so we never charge for unlimited API access, multiple users, migration or support.

SEOmonitor works best with one of your customers' website

You can still use just click 'Start free trial' one more time.