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When you choose SEOmonitor you also hire a data scientist disguised as an app.
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A data scientist disguised as an app.
It’s called Signals for a reason
Every keyword, topic and ranking gets meticulously analyzed and then surfaced in bite-sized insights. With just a quick glance you get to be on top of your campaigns.
Expand your business, not your backlog
Organise your teams with tasks straight from the app. Something should be checked 7 days from now? Just snooze it. Need to keep track of a “cannibalization” problem? Share it with your technical team.
Grow and nurture your leads
With up-to-date insights you’ll always have a personalised nugget of information for your sales meetings and calls.
What percent of data do you analyse?
There's a myth that we are using only 10% of our brain's capacity. Isn't it the same with your SEO tools? Signals is designed to analyze every datapoint in your dataset.
Short and snappy insights while you are on the go.
Halide EbcinogluFounder Kubix Digital
Signals puts the most important information at your fingertips automagically. Brilliant!
James FinlaysonHead of Innovation at Verve Search

Topic Explorer

A topic’s worth a thousand keywords!
Uber cars not keywords.
Breathe! You can stop the “1000 tabs dance” between Ubersuggest and SEMrush to get just glimpse of what a prize keyword really offers. Topics get you organised much faster.
Friend or foe?
Who really are your competitors? With Topic Explorer you’ll quickly find out if it’s a content business that you should get in touch with or an ecommerce website.
Forget about spreadsheets. Everything you need can be done directly from Topic Explorer.
Have it your way!
Quickly get to know how you rank by adding your client’s website and limit queries to a specific context based on other similar businesses.
BBC Good Food had our best day of traffic ever on Pancake Day. Our editorial team used TE to find gaps in our pancake recipes to win traffic otherwise lost.
Alex RoyleHead of Search Marketing at BBC Studios

Visibility Score

Everything your SEO KPI is not.
We could've written a white paper about it
It started from impression share, but that was 200 updates ago. The algorithm behind it crunches data for the whole portfolio of keywords, takes into account rank changes, search volume and seasonality, to give you a reliable SEO performance metric.
From 100 KPIs to one that matters
Analytics tools are data rich, yet information poor. SEOmonitor customers report on using Visibility Score as their main indicator of performance.
What I love about SEOmonitor is how easily it allows me to get a sense of the potential impact of a successful search campaign.
Kelvin NewmanFounder of BrightonSEO
I like the distillation of a single metric, Visibility Score, across a basket of keywords.
Mark ChurchillMarketing Manager at Wealth Club Ltd

The SEO Timeline

Track changes, all changes
The timeline detects every little change on your pages but shows only the important ones. It's like having an ongoing A/B test without any prior setup.
Intricate but up-to-date
Google's constant tinkering with its search alogorythms can create headaches, but not for you. With the SEO Timeline you spot the impact instantly.
Backlinks that don't bite back
Quickly learn not only when your latest backlins are part of Google's index, but how they influence rankings. They will be neatly sorted by impact in order to inform your future SEO strategy.
The "historical changes" report shown per keyword tracked in SEOmonitor is the most useful feature I've seen lately.
Aleyda SolisSEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti
If something changes to HTML source code for a landing pages you'll quickly know what's going on.
Ilyas TekerFormer SEO Director at iProspect Chicago

Business Case Builder

You’re winning more deals whether you like it or not.
From "client speak" to "agency speak"
Business Case Builder helps agencies translate their goals into well known business KPIs that even customers understand.
From F.U.D. to FUN
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are things of the past. Aditional visits together with conversion data from Analytics and AdWords value yield figures that are easy to understand by any budget owner.
Make an offer they can't refuse
Stand out at a pitch with the most detailed and researched analysis. It takes into account not only ranks and keywords, but difficulty and impact as well.
We’ve increased the client conversion rates 5X using this methodology in our agency.
Chris SimmanceManaging Director at Optus Digital
The 2-3 days it took each time when forecasting SEO traffic in Excel can now be done in SEOmonitor in just 1-2 minutes.
David IwanowGlobal SEO Manager at Schibsted Media Group
Although I think this tool is amazing, I don’t want any other agencies to know about it because it is my best secret weapon!
Ann StanleyCEO Anicca Digital

Account Migration

If you're paying for a top search marketing app... are you getting it?
We’re in this together
We know what we're doing here. Our customers are agencies like you and of course they were using something else before. We easily migrated everything.
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First class onboarding by phone and ever-present help over Intercom.
Mark ChurchillDigital Marketing at Wealth Club
The support team is really helpful and very speedy. If you have any question about the SEOmonitor they can help immediately.
Ilyas TekerFormer SEO Director at iProspect Chicago

Pricing that's actually fair

We removed all those “upgrades” that others are charging for. You get all the features with unlimited users and unlimited API access on a simple keyword based fee. Need to scale down a little? Just archive a campaign and pricing drops as well.
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unlimited access to all features.

4,100 keywords tracked daily on mobile & dekstop

up to 246,000 ranks/month

up to 123,000 pages crawled/month


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