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Business Case Builder - You're winning more deals whether you like it or not.

Your new customer will be thrilled to see that you take into account seasonality, non-brand traffic, and the competitive landscape when building the proposal. After you do the keyword research, you select the targeted rankings, and immediately get the expected increase in sessions and estimated Google Ads cost with the probability of reaching the target.
"The innovation in this tool is fantastic and the work it does to help agencies is phenomenal."
EU Search Awards Judges
SEO Proposal Builder Add-on
Because your SEOmonitor data would end up as screenshots in pitching decks, we’ve created a Google Slides Add-on for it.
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It's more than a feature - It's a repeatable process.

Together with SEOmonitor's (not provided) solution, you create a repeatable process of growth for your business development department.
"We implemented SEOmonitor and it dramatically improved our sales process."
Rob Arkell
Sales Director
How to explain SEO to your customers
Koozai's sales director goes through the steps neeed to create winnin presentations using SEOmonitor's built-in methodologies
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Visibility Score - How did you manage thousands of rank changes until today?

We track rankings every day on mobile and desktop. Doing this means that you now know exactly where you stand. However, if you multiply it with the fact that not all searches have the same volume and that the CTRs get influenced by potential traffic, it becomes chaotic. This is where Visibility Score comes into play.
"Our team are best in class at what they do and deserve a visibility platform that matches that."
Geoff Griffiths
Managing DirectorRead case study

Smart Labels - Optimize your resources for the most significant impact

Tracking the wrong keywords is a trap. There's hardly any chance you could rank for a branded term or generate significant traffic for 'ugly christmas sweaters' in July. That's why we developed smart labels. We identify localised, seasonal and branded keywords and assign an opportunity score for each one. SEO opportunity formula takes into account the average monthly search volume, estimated click-through and conversion rates, and SEO difficulty. And it's all personalised for your website.
How to spot 'low-hanging fruits' among your keywords
Tips on how to find keywords with the potential to quickly boost your customers' SEO performance.
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A dashboard built for agencies

Each campaign will show you the status of your targeted forecast, together with the current visiblity score. And when you create custom views for each account manager and their portofolio, it becomes a breeze to know you're not missing anything.
"All KPIs in a useful report! Simply the best"
Aleyda Solis

You often do great work, but forget to tell your clients?

A meeting is coming soon, and you'd love to praise what the team has been working on. However, the analyst has to finish another report for a huge account. It would take hours to go through the whole month of changes to find a quick win. That's where Signals comes in. Signals is a mobile app, but that doesn't mean we crammed hard-to-read tables and tough-to-follow charts on a smaller screen. Au contraire! The interface rewards busy account managers with nuggets of information, exactly when they need it.
"Signals puts the most important information at your fingertips automagically. Brilliant!"
James Finlayson
Head of Innovation at Verve Search

Be part of your customers' daily routine

Using SEOmonitor's extended integrations, you can develop bespoke reports that combine SEO KPIs in Data Studio or Google Sheets. With free unlimited users for your account, you can invite everyone to check progress exactly when they want. Are you feeling adventurous? Use our open API to build sophisticated integrations to any system.
"A typical agency challenge is that we often do great work, but forget to tell our clients. SEOs are focused on the next opportunities, but it's as important to share small wins that show that you're making progress."
Kevin Gibbons
Founder Re:SignalGoogle Sheets Add-on

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SEOmonitor works best with one of your customers' website

You can still use just click 'Start free trial' one more time.

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