Meaningful SEO reports. Predictable performance.

Effortless keyword research & management at scale done with topical aggregation
Organic traffic accurately distributed back to the keywords
The award-winning SEO forecasting system
Effortless keyword management at scale done with topical aggregation
Organic traffic back to the keywords
Award-winning SEO forecasting

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Topics over keywords. Now possible.

In a world where people search for the same intent in thousands of different ways, we can’t just monitor and think “keywords” anymore. We accepted this challenge and developed a revolutionary product: The Topic Explorer.

It’s built on a groundbreaking technology that “understands” semantically-connected keywords, independent of their wording. It searches through billions of semantic connections, to create the whole universe of keywords forming a topic. It enables a bird’s-eye view of an “intent” topic or a niche, which can further be explored at a keyword level.

To The Topic Explorer

A single, global metric that gets to the core of SEO performance.

We’ve replaced the misleading ranking-based keyword stacks and the lengthy lists of fluctuating ranks, with one single metric distilled across a bucket of keywords. It blends rankings and search volumes in a way that makes it more relevant, insightful and easier to understand than any other SEO performance tracking approach.

The Visibility Score, or the Impression Share, will forever change the way you measure SEO performance in the organic listings or even in the SERP features, like Featured Snippet, Local or News Pack.


“What I love about SEOmonitor is how easily it allows me to get a sense of the potential impact of a successful search campaign.”

Kelvin Newman

Kelvin Newman
Founder of BrightonSEO and SearchVisibility

Non-brand organic traffic, accurately segmented. No fluff.

The lack of keyword data in Analytics is making the Organic Traffic reports misleading. The branded searches are another kind of direct traffic and, for most websites, it represents a significant part of the Organic Traffic.

Our approach to solving the not-provided issue consists in putting the traffic data from the landing pages from Analytics into the keyword data from Google Search Console. A methodology fine-tuned over the last 5 years, enhanced in 2016 by Search Console’s keyword data restriction being lifted. Thanks to it, we are now able to uncover 90% of the not-provided data, with a high level of accuracy and confidence.


SEOmonitor unlocks the not-provided by getting back the traffic data from the landing pages from Analytics into the keyword data from Google Search Console.

"Measuring SEO success is getting harder every year. Thanks to SEOmonitor we can solve all of our measurement problems and deliver data-driven reports to our clients, which significantly increased our client-retention rate!"

Yigit Konur
Yigit KonurFounder

SEO can be predictable. Very predictable.

We’ve made SEO predictable. A powerful algorithm that takes into consideration all of the predictable factors influencing the traffic. With incredible detail and accuracy, it creates a monthly forecast, depending on specific SEO goals. One cannot fully comprehend this until seeing it in action.


“Although I think this tool is amazing, I don’t want any other agencies to know about it because it is my best secret weapon!”

Ann Stanley

Ann Stanley
CEO of Anicca Digital

Track everything that can possibly influence SEO performance and connect the dots.

SEO changes at a fast pace and it works differently depending on the context. The only way to gain control in this environment of extreme uncertainty is to understand the cause and effect. Our mission doesn’t end with delivering meaningful and reliable SEO reports.

We aim for continuously providing you with insights, so you can empirically improve your SEO. Therefore, SEOmonitor tracks all of the relevant data that may influence SEO performance and displays it in the Keyword Events Timeline. You can then easily correlate the information and connect the dots yourself.


Stellar Support

You’re probably already using an SEO platform. Once you decide to switch to SEOmonitor, you don’t need to worry about your old data. We’re ready to smoothly migrate it all for you. We’ve done this lots of times before, from the main platforms out there. No hassle.

Once you’re in you’ll find out how fast we respond to your needs. From general support and training delivered by your dedicated account manager to quickly developed feature requests.

"First class onboarding by phone and ever-present help over Intercom."

Mark Churchill
Mark ChurchillDigital Marketing Manager at Wealth Club Ltd

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Nichola Stott

Founder & MD of theMediaFlow

Joe Shervell

Head of Content Marketing at Datadial Limited

David Iwanow

Director of Strategy at Blueglass London

Track thousands of keywords at the cost of hundreds.

SEOmonitor pricing is based on the number of websites and keywords you track. It automatically adjusts as your keyword and website portfolio grows.

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