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Prevent client churn and increase renewals

  • Set realistic expectations with reliable SEO forecasts.
  • Identify campaign issues early with affordable daily ranks.
  • Track and report on campaign objectives with integrated goal-tracking.

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Have you been losing clients over these issues?

Unrealistic expectations on the gains of SEO

Lack of communication between sales and delivery teams

Delayed client reports

Account managers losing sight of the process

Lack of pro-active alerting system

Errors detected when it’s already too late

With SEOmonitor, managing hundreds of clients is effortless.

Simply bring your clients and benefit from a tried-and-true methodology designed for SEO agencies.

Manage the process

Client Health Tracker and Automatic Alerts

Monitor your recurring revenue and campaigns health all in one place.

Set clear expectations

Reliable SEO Forecasting & Objective Tracking

Set realistic expectations with the most accurate SEO forecasting tool.

Detect possible issues

Accurate Daily Rank Tracking

Daily desktop and mobile rankings help you spot possible issues in your clients’ business.


Build reliable SEO Forecasts

Set realistic expectations. Align your sales and delivery teams on expected gains. Measure progress against the goal. Learn more

See your ranking potential with the Chance Indicator. See how likely it is to reach your desired positions as you change your ranking targets.

Flexible ranking goals. Adjust the range of your ranking targets to be as specific or broad as required.

Compare to Google Ads Spend. Show your clients the equivalent cost of running search ads for your targeted keywords, offering a clear ROI comparison.

Baseline Forecasts. See projected traffic and conversions based on maintaining current keyword rankings. Make the case for improvements.

Rank Tracker

Track campaign progress daily and detect issues immediately

Be one step ahead of campaign issues with daily mobile and desktop rankings for all your clients. Learn more

Daily ranks by default. Fresh daily insights: ranks, SERP features, and all 100 results for each tracked keyword.

99.9% SLA. Daily rankings at 8:00 AM, guaranteed by a transparent 99.9% service level agreement. See platform status

Organic traffic data on keywords. Connect Google Search Console and Analytics to uncover the business-impact of SEO.

Non-Brand Segmentation. Separate SEO traffic into brand and non-brand categories for accurate analysis.

Annotations. Auto-annotate Google Core updates and log campaign actions to keep your team in sync.

And much more

  Accurate search volumes and Y-o-Y trends

  Keyword intent detection

  Remove low-relevance keywords

  Opportunity score

  Seasonal labels

Agency Dashboard

Scale your processes without increasing headcount.

Track your reports, set custom alerts, and track objectives. Learn more

Agency Dashboard. Monitor your recurring revenue and campaigns health all in one place.

Scheduled email reports. Get an overview of campaign performance in your inbox.

Campaign-level access. Invite clients with read-only privileges to specific campaigns.

Looker Studio connectors. Sync your SEO campaign data to Looker Studio and easily generate client reports.

Report management system. Set account managers and reporting deadlines and monitor client engagement for timely report delivery.

SEOmonitor is designed for

Client Service

Set automatic notifications and alerts for customers’ campaigns. Track client reports delivery.

Sales & Commercial

Create accurate, data-driven SEO forecasts in minutes. Align on what’s achievable with the SEO teams.

Managers & Directors

Implement a standardized process to ensure uniform management of customer campaign lifecycle across all clients.