AI Overview Tracking, formerly SGE

Stay Ahead with Daily
AIO insights

Give clients the confidence that you understand their changing landscape.

Quickly assess AIO’s impact on rankings, plan for inclusion, and track results with daily updates on both devices.

Trusted by 2000+ SEO teams

Featured on AIO. Confirm if your client’s site is featured or mentioned in snippets.

Competitor Analysis. Track competing sites’ visibility in AIO.

Preview & Raw Data Access. See the render or download raw SERP HTML for in-depth analysis.

Daily Keyword Insights. Monitor AIO visibility for each keyword. On both devices.

API access, too. Get unmetered access to the data to use in your reporting.

Assess the Impact of AIO on Your Entire Keyword Portfolio

Show your clients how AI Overviews impacts their SEO with detailed, group-level insights.

Get into the Details with Keyword-Level Insights

Identify keywords that trigger AIO snippets, whether auto-generated or not, and see if your site or brand is featured.

Iterate Quickly, Find What Drives AIO Inclusion

Link key SEO activities to snippet inclusion—discover what influences it and track its presence over time.

Track Macro Trends with Competitor Analysis

Determine which competitors lost or gained SEO visibility and how much AIO has influenced it.

Track Overall Visibility: Explore how AIO affects your visibility and that of your competitors daily.

Track domain-level features: See which competitors are included in AIO for each keyword.

Track AIO with Daily Snapshots on Both Devices

Access historical snapshots to see how “AI Overview” evolves over time. Track your brand’s mentions too.

Build Client Confidence with In-Depth Analysis

Run large-scale reports to give your clients confidence that you understand their changing landscape, how it’ll affect their visibility and how to leverage AIO for maximum gains.

Win and keep more clients with the first full-lifecycle SEO platform.

Wow clients with accurate SEO forecasting, deliver ongoing improvements with proactive rank tracking and renew & grow existing contracts with goal-tracking and automated reporting.

“We need to track both desktop and mobile, but other solutions on the market would’ve charged separate for each device.”

Benjamin Beckwith

Head of SEO at Semetrical

Trusted by SEO teams


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