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Relevant Difficulty Metric

Personalized just for your website, it calculates the topical authority of the most relevant landing page, based on best ranking data, and critical on-page SEO factors.

SEO Opportunity Score with Explainer

Quickly spot the low-hanging fruit in your keyword list with a reliable Opportunity score. Calculated based on the keyword’s search volume and its Year-over-Year trend, the SERP features’ impact, plus its current performance, and the difficulty for your website to rank in Top 10. A robust metric designed for faster insights.

Visibility trend explainer

An accurate overview of a keywords group’s performance in Google — in one consistent metric. Calculated as an impression share, you get it at every level. For organic positions and specific SERP features — Local pack, Top Stories, Featured Snippets. With a powerful explainer to know when and why its trend changed.

Real-time processing of new keywords

We start processing desktop and mobile ranking data as soon as you add them to your campaign.