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Content Writer: Increase your agency’s productivity

Find real content opportunities, forecast impact, and create top-ranking content in under 15 minutes.

Aligned with your SEO strategy

Focus on “Informational” keywords that drive traffic to your articles; avoid the ones with commercial intent.

SEO-focused briefing instantly

Automatically research and include top SEO signals of high-ranking articles in a brief.

Unique AI writing engine

Get human-like, on-brand writing that aligns with your biggest traffic opportunities.

We were far more efficient at choosing the right keywords and writing content. The result? Higher output that was on par with our content writers’ content quality and perfectly aligned with our customers’ brand and traffic needs.

Radu Marcusu

CEO of Upswing agency

How it works

Simplify your keyword research, content briefs, and article writing—all in one smooth process.

Start from your keyword strategy

Add your campaign to receive high-impact keywords tailored to your site.

Analyze keyword difficulty and trends and focus on the most impactful ones using metrics like ‘% of organic clicks’ and ‘Opportunity Score’.

Surface content opportunities automatically

Get an automatic scan of all your pages and see which keywords serve the wrong intent or are missing a relevant informational page.

See exactly how much traffic and revenue the article will get when ranking in the top three positions—powered by the best SEO forecasting methodology in the industry.

Get the perfect outline in minutes

Save hours on research. Content Writer automatically analyzes article headings, content, and ideal word counts by scanning SERP pages for top SEO signals.

Create unique articles instantly

Create engaging, brand-aligned articles effortlessly with Content Writer’s AI-assisted technology.

Our unique multi-part prompting ensures your content is well-researched and resonates naturally with your audience. Plus, you can instruct the AI to use your brand’s specific tone of voice for a consistent and authentic feel.

Content Writer for

SEO teams

Find the best content opportunities and convert them into winning content briefs without building and maintaining your solution.

Content teams

Scale your content organization output without sacrificing quality or impact in rankings.

Leadership teams

Reduce costs, maintain quality, and boost output from a single platform priced for agencies.

Test everything in our SEO platform without any spending commitment