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Streamline your agency’s operations without the extra headcount.

All the tools you need—from client acquisition to renewal—with a pricing model that scales with your customer base.

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Fast automatic keyword research. Get high-impact, curated, unique keywords with automatic labelling for “Highly Localized”, “Brands”, “Misspelling” and more.

Keyword Research

Find valuable keywords fast.

No more low search volume, aggregated close variations, or irrelevant keywords. No credit system either.

AI-driven keyword grouping. Save hours for each campaign. Automatically group all your keywords into meaningful categories personalized to each website.

Free monthly ranks. Monitor your industry’s entire keyword landscape, identify new competitors, and test keyword strategies without spending commitment.

Get the right search intent. With AI-enabled analysis of all your competitors’ content, see which keywords need content updates. Save hours of manual checks.

Rank Tracker

Track progress daily, detect issues immediately.

Accurate and affordable daily mobile and desktop rankings for all of your clients—just €39 per 1000 keywords.

Daily ranks by default. Fresh daily insights: ranks, SERP features, and all 100 results for each tracked keyword. Both desktop and mobile.

Accurate first. Receive daily rank updates and in-depth SERP details by 8:00 AM for any location with 99.9% SLA.

All competitors tracked free. Get complete historical data. Compare Visibility and identify overlaps with keyword group competitors.

API & Integrations

Scale reporting without extra-hours.

Track reports delivery, set custom alerts, and build Looker dashboards. Without any extra-costs.

Looker Studio connectors. Sync all your SEO campaign data to Looker Studio to create bespoke client reports.

Unlimited users and campaign-level access. Invite clients with read-only privileges to specific campaigns. Add as many users as you need to.

Agency Dashboard. Monitor your recurring revenue and campaign health all in one place.

Scheduled email reports. Get an overview of campaign performance in your inbox.

Report management system. Set account managers and reporting deadlines. Monitor client engagement on reports.

“We need to track both desktop and mobile, but other solutions on the market would’ve charged separate for each device.”

Benjamin Beckwith

Head of SEO at Semetrical

Trusted by SEO teams


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