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Update: Topics 2.0 & DataStudio integration

It’s been a while since we’ve last informed you about any product updates. We’ve been so silent in the past months, mostly because we’ve been focusing on reliability and scalability.

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Introducing Signals by SEOmonitor

Time’s up! ⌛️ Been waiting for this moment for a year!

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Update: the cleaner & more customizable keyword table is here

Analytics tools usually collect much more data than it is used. Too many insights that never reach the user. This generates a lot of waste. In the past year, we worked hard on redefining the way users interact with our analytics software

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Update: seasonal & low relevance keyword labels + multiple forecast scenarios

We’re now highlighting the highly seasonal keywords with a dedicated label, for a better prioritization of the keywords or groups.

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Timeframe Comparison, CTR chart with annotations & Localized keyword label

Similar to Google Analytics, we’ve now enabled the user to compare the organic traffic data between two periods. Many of our clients have requested this throughout the time and we’re happy to finally release it today.

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