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Cannibalization report extension. Wait... “Extensions”?!?

What extensions? Chrome-like extensions. New features, reports and integrations, developed as extensions to the main platform. And with the launch of this “marketplace”, we’re introducing a new and long-awaited report.

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The new Forecast and... the Proposal Builder!

Our forecasting methodology has been successfully used for more than four years, by hundreds of clients, to set realistic objectives and improve their pitches. This is why we’ve gone a step further and rebuilt it.

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The new dashboard: designed for agencies

The Dashboard is where all of your Campaigns are listed and it is usually used for navigational purposes. To that aim, we’ve improved the user interface and the loading times.

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Easily import your data in Google Sheets

No more API work. This add-on makes it a lot easier for SEOmonitor users to access, visualize, share and manipulate their data in Google Sheets.

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Update: Topics 2.0 & DataStudio integration

It’s been a while since we’ve last informed you about any product updates. We’ve been so silent in the past months, mostly because we’ve been focusing on reliability and scalability.

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