• A nod to AWR entering the SEO Forecasting category

    Before launching SEOmonitor, I started a highly successful SEO agency. As newcomers to the industry, our approach sets us apart from the established players. Our emphasis on transparency and measurability attracted multiple brands and led to the development of a key feature in SEOmonitor. Nine years ago, on a flight to London to meet with…

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  • What SEO success means: The Visibility metric case and why it matters

    SEO agencies have to work with hard, complex metrics to determine a benchmark for success when it comes to their keyword groups’ performance. Analysing a single keyword’s performance is quite straightforward as the ranking is enough — you usually see it next to some quality attributes (search volumes, SERP features, user intent) and know its…

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  • The Business Model Canvas for an SEO agency

    Why use the Business Model Canvas for your SEO / digital marketing agency? In the creator’s words, BMC is a strategic tool for painting out an existing business model and making it concrete for all the business stakeholders. It includes 9 building blocks and accompanying questions for you to capture an in-depth description of your…

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