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  • How SEO Forecasting can help you get the right clients

    Whenever a new inquiry comes through to your SEO agency, you need to assert the potential that the lead has in terms of SEO growth. It’s a resourceful and uncertain process. There are many variables you have to keep in mind: As your team juggles all the necessary inputs to gauge the viability of the lead’s…

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  • What SEO success means: The Visibility metric case and why it matters

    SEO agencies have to work with hard, complex metrics to determine a benchmark for success when it comes to their keyword groups’ performance. Analysing a single keyword’s performance is quite straightforward as the ranking is enough — you usually see it next to some quality attributes (search volumes, SERP features, user intent) and know its…

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  • The Business Model Canvas for an SEO agency

    Why use the Business Model Canvas for your SEO / digital marketing agency? In the creator’s words, BMC is a strategic tool for painting out an existing business model and making it concrete for all the business stakeholders. It includes 9 building blocks and accompanying questions for you to capture an in-depth description of your…

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