Accurately measure and predict SEO traffic growth


Watch this video tutorial to see how you can use the Business Case Builder to craft an SEO proposal clients can’t refuse.

Accurate (not provided) solution

Unlock Google Analytics' hidden data and analyze visits, conversions, and revenue at a keyword level.
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Brand and non-brand organic traffic segmentation

Based on the (not provided) solution, SEOmonitor accurately segments brand from non-brand organic traffic, the real SEO traffic.
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Business Case Builder

Forecast non-brand organic traffic growth and track progress.
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  • "Measuring SEO success is getting harder every year. Thanks to SEOmonitor we can solve
    all of our measurement problems and deliver data-driven reports to our clients, which significantly increased our client-retention rate!"
  • Yigit Konur
    Founder SEOzeo

Discover a better approach to SEO performance measurement


Watch this video to learn more about the Visibility Score, a metric that aggregates both ranking and search volume to indicate how visible your website really is.

Visibility Score

The tool calculates how many people actually see your website in Google results, considering the total amount of searches on a complete list of relevant keywords.
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Keyword Opportunity, Difficulty and Revenue Forecasts

Spend fewer resources for more revenue: prioritize efforts based on keywords with low SEO difficulty and high opportunity.
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Automatic Keyword Research

SEOmonitor automatically discovers thousands of relevant keywords with high SEO opportunity.
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Competition Insights

Understand in a few second where you stand against any competitor. We monitor them all.
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  • " What I love about SEOmonitor is how easily it allows me to get a sense of the potential impact of a successful search campaign. "
  • Kelvin Newman
    Founder of BrightonSEO and SearchVisibility

Strategically manage your campaigns


Watch this video tutorial to see how you can use the Dashboard to manage all of your SEO campaigns

Content Performance

Realize the true power of your Content Marketing and Native Advertising.
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Search Reputation

An innovative solution to track your brand’s reputation in Google and immediately identify negative reviews.
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Instant visibility & at-a-glance data for all of your campaigns.
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Are you an agency? We have The Pitching Solution for you


Build winning SEO proposals

We tailored an award-worthy pitching approach that helps you prove the value of your services by allowing you to forecast non-brand organic traffic growth and deliver winning SEO proposals.
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Outsmart your Competitors

This innovative framework encompasses many of our innovative differentiators, which you can turn into your competitive advantage and stay ahead of your competition.

Grow your agency

Build your prospects' trust by showing them meaningful, trustworthy data using SEOmonitor and you'll win all of your pitches, which will translate into your agency's growth.

  • " SEOmonitor has literally transformed the way I pitch. I can have sensible conversations with the client about what can be achieved thanks to the forecasting feature.
    Although I think this tool is amazing, I don't want any other agencies to know about it because it is my best secret weapon! "
  • Ann Stanley
    CEO of Anicca Digital
  • Heap | Mobile and Web Analytics