Product Updates

The new Forecast and… the Proposal Builder!

Our forecasting methodology has been successfully used for more than 4 years, by hundreds of clients, to set realistic objectives and improve their pitches. This is why we’ve gone a step further and rebuilt it with a few goals in mind: to make it as transparent and intuitive as possible, beautifully-designed and even more sophisticated, for the sake of accuracy.

And here it is:

In terms of data modelling, it now includes Year-over-Year search trends and individual CTR curves for each keyword, based on its SERP feature mix on each device. And talking about devices: the estimations are now done separately for desktop and mobile and then brought together as additional traffic. The new CTR curves are based on our latest extensive research.

In terms of transparency, we’ve introduced a new analysis calculation interface, so our users can explore the data behind the model. In turn, they can better understand the numbers, trust them and present them further. Have a look:

You can read more on our forecasting methodology here.

The Proposal Builder

Pitch decks typically include screenshots with data, so the new Forecast design will enhance – rather than downplay – the looks of your slides. Speaking of SEO proposals, we’re here to help agencies acquire, manage and retain more customers. Because our forecast would end up as a screenshot in these decks, we’ve gone the extra mile and created a Proposal Builder. Designed as a Google Slides Add-on, it would both inspire agency users to create better SEO proposals and make it easier to insert good-looking SEOmonitor data into them.

Give it a go here.

We wrote more on crafting winning SEO proposals in our Search Engine Journal article on how to avoid silent NOs.