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Keyword Research

Keyword Research Without the Extra Work

No more low search volume, aggregated close variations, or irrelevant keywords.

Great Automatic Suggestions. Get a curated list of keywords based on your existing rankings and selected competitors.

Personalized Keyword Difficulty. The first difficulty metric that evaluates both your page’s keyword focus and authority against the top-ranking competitors.

Opportunity Score. See how much traffic and conversions a keyword would generate if it reached top 3.

Keyword-gap analysis. See which keywords your competitors rank for, but you don’t, all sorted by search volume.

Spot keyword issues. Avoid ‘Misspellings’, “Low Relevance”, “Highly Localized” keywords from your lists.

Competitor Research

In-depth Competitor Research

Get complete historical data. Compare Visibility and identify overlaps with keyword group competitors.

Share of clicks. Get estimated monthly clicks for each website on your target keywords.

Top competitors. Get suggested competitors sorted by Visibility. We auto-identify competitors; you decide who to track closely.

Competitor keyword trends. Examine keyword-level ranking trends for your competitors.

Group-level competitors. Choose which sections of your website compete with individually-selected competitors.

Keyword-gap analysis. See which keywords your competitors rank for, but you don’t, all sorted by search volume.

Keyword Vault

Unlimited & Free Monthly Rank Tracking

Get SERP, search volume and ranking data for all of your keywords — hundreds or millions. At no extra cost.

Get monthly updated ranks for your website. Get a monthly snapshot of your keywords for the first 100 ranks on desktop.

All competitors tracked. Discover top competitors by Visibility for all your tracked keywords or specific keyword groups.

Search Visibility. See an accurate representation of a website’s position in Google for a group of keywords.

SERP features at the group level. Get an accurate overview of how many organic clicks you can expect to get for the entire group.

Updated search volumes. Get updates search volumes it as soon as Google Ads publishes them.

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