Forecast SEO without the human error

Get rid of error-prone spreadsheets, unreliable data and hard-to-maintain formulas.

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Quick and Easy: Your Forecast Ready in 5 Minutes

Choose your keywords, select your ranking goals and get estimated sessions & conversions instantly.

1. Add your keywords

Add your list of keywords or research them with SEOmonitor.

2. Build the scenario

Select ranking goals and timeframe for your forecast.

3. See the forecast

Estimate the visits and sales you’ll get if your keywords hit your target rankings.

Get Your Forecasts Right with the Right Data

Remove errors in forecasts with click-through rate curves for different keywords and devices, year-over-year search trends and unique CTRs for each SERP feature.

% of clicks on organic results

See how many people click on organic results (ten blue links) when SERP features are present. For each device. Learn more

Segmented by device

Estimates clicks for mobile and desktop by counting device-specific search volumes and applying the relevant click-through rates.

Error-free search volumes

We factor in seasonal trends and yearly changes, and combine similar search terms to avoid double-counting.

Zoom in on the Keyword-Level Forecast

See how search volumes, clicks on organic results, and additional traffic from related search terms impact additional sessions.

See What You Need To Improve To Hit Your Goals

Discover content optimization opportunities and their potential impact in your ranking goals.

See Your Ranking Potential with the Chance Indicator

See how likely is it to reach your desired positions as you change your ranking targets. Goal chance is an aggregated Keyword Difficulty that takes into account Topical Authority, content focus and current rank for each keyword to work out how hard would it be to reach the top 10 positions.

Track performance and explore different forecasts

Monitor the forecast’s performance against the target goals and explore different scenarios based on emerging trends throughout the campaign’s execution.

Trusted by 2000+ SEO teams

“When we show up at a pitch with this level of SEO forecasting, we win the campaigns.”

Radu Marcusu

CEO of Upswing

Quick to grasp in sales, in-depth for pros.

Win more Pitches: Designed for Agencies

Sales teams

Create accurate, data-driven SEO forecasts in minutes. Learn more

CEOs and Founders

Build a consistent process for new business growth.

SEO teams

Use the “Chance Indicator” to quickly decide what’s feasible or not.