Get traffic and conversions at keyword level.

Connect Google Search Console and Analytics to uncover the business-impact of SEO.

HOW it works

Unlock Hidden Organic Traffic Insights in Minutes.

Add your website

Create a free trial and add your campaign.

Connect GSC and GA

Authorize the app to access Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4.

Uncover the (not provided)

See how many sessions, conversions and goal each keyword has delivered.

All the Analytics Data Now Connected with Keywords

Keyword data uncovered

See relevant keyword data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console side by side: sessions, conversions, average position, CTR & more.

The Landing Pages view

Analyze the sessions, conversions, and keyword list associated with your landing pages. Discover which ones are your next SEO opportunity.

Filters and Custom segments

Segment your Organic Traffic data by a specific keyword name, landing page, brand, tracked or untracked keywords.

All Goals and Transactions tracked.

Get all the goals from your Google Analytics account. Choose which you want to include in your agency’s reports.

Timeframes compared.

See how sessions, transactions, and revenue fare in daily, weekly, monthly, or custom timeframes.