1. Organic traffic next to ranking data

    KEYWORD-LEVEL METRICS Organic traffic next to ranking data In the Rank Tracker’s Analysis view, you can see organic traffic data next to ranking data for every tracked keyword. Easily see which keyword’s performance affected the non-brand organic traffic the most, looking at sessions, conversions, and ranks side by side. Know each keyword’s impact on business…

  2. Google Ads Search data calibration systems

    ACCURACY-ASSURING FEATURES Google Ads Search data calibration systems SEOmonitor’s calibration system ensures that Google Ads search volume data is correctly pulled in the Rank Tracker. By aggregating close variations and warning users when a keyword has a sudden 0 search volume, our system detects potential errors and protects against misleading data. Learn More

  3. Branded keywords detected & automatically separated

    ACCURACY-ASSURING FEATURES Branded keywords detected & automatically separated The Rank Tracker automatically detects your website’s navigational keywords and separates them in the specific Brand group. These keywords usually have high search volumes, are owned by your website, and can unfairly inflate your group-level metrics. With the brand/non-brand split in place, the branded keywords don’t affect…

  4. All competitors always tracked

    COMPETITION ANALYSIS All competitors always tracked The Rank Tracker stores the top 100 page results of your tracked keywords for both devices, daily. So you always have access to all your competitors. Retrieve the ones you want and explore their past ranking and Visibility performance. Check the data directly in the interface, export it, or…

  5. Rank Discrepancy Checker (Chrome Extension)

    ACCURACY-ASSURING FEATURES The Rank Discrepancy Checker. So you can trust the ranking data. You can always see what SEOmonitor’s crawlers see. With our Chrome extension, you get to look at a user’s search and a real-time Google search done by our crawlers, side by side. Cross-reference the ranks whenever you need to and understand the…

  6. System Status Page

    ACCURACY-ASSURING FEATURES System Status Page As a user, you can always check SEOmonitor’s operational status. Both in the platform’s footer and at Know if there’s a scheduled maintenance or an incident affecting the SLAs. Subscribe to the page and be notified if there’s any status change. Learn More

  7. Automatic & manual annotations

    GROUP LEVEL METRICS Automatic & manual annotations Check if key performance metrics were influenced by a particular event with SEOmonitor’s automatic annotations: Google algorithm change, new keywords added, Google accounts connection updates, and more. Make your own annotations on Visibility and Traffic charts, so you’ll know when internal or external events influenced the change. Report…

  8. Import keywords by copy-paste or CSV

    KEYWORD MANAGEMENT Import keywords by copy-paste or CSV Easily add new keywords in your SEO campaign through copy-paste or by importing a CSV file. The Rank Tracker processes them in real-time, enriching the keywords with ranking, search volume, and non-brand organic traffic data. You’ll be notified once it’s done and, if Cost Control is enabled,…

  9. Download HTML SERP

    ACCURACY-ASSURING FEATURES Download HTML SERP You can always see what SEOmonitor’s crawlers see. Download a copy of the latest SERP HTML files for both devices and cross-reference ranking data. Or use our Chrome Extension for checking rank discrepancies. Learn More

  10. Top 100 results per keyword

    COMPETITION ANALYSIS Top 100 results per keyword For each keyword, our rank tracker stores the top 100 ranking landing pages for both devices, daily. Analyze their trend over time and what other keywords they’re ranking for. Identify the competitors’ most performing landing pages for your keyword research. Learn More