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Update: the cleaner & more customizable keyword table is here

Analytics tools usually collect much more data than it is used. Too many insights that never reach the user. This generates a lot of waste. In the past year, we worked hard on redefining the way users interact with our analytics software

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New API capabilities, Other owned media tracking & View-only user role

While working on the next big thing in SEOmonitor, we’re going to constantly allocate resources for further product improvement. So expect a product update from us every single week.

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AdWords re-aggregations, subsequent search volume changes and our response

In their mission to aggregate keywords under a “main” variation, Google AdWords have recently updated search volumes and re-aggregated more keywords, causing the search volumes to significantly increase.

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Reaching the pinnacle of our Visibility Score and launching the SEO Timeline

Today we’re launching a new upgrade to our Visibility Score metric and one other feature that deepens the insights provided by our platform.

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Notifications, Slack integration, and brand new email reports

Summer seems to increase our productivity so we’re ready to roll out a series of improvements, some of which you can already start to explore.

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