Learn how to forecast SEO with SEOmonitor — 28th of June

Build, track & deliver campaigns like never before!

Designed & priced for agencies. Loved by in-house teams, too.

Build campaigns

Unlimited draft campaigns, keywords and forecasts, with no additional costs

You can create your best keyword strategies for as many clients you can pitch, without constraints.

Fast, real-time, accurate, complete keyword data.

Bring your keywords and easily make the best choices by navigating it through all possible metrics and attributes – reliably processed.

Advanced filtering and AI assistance for easy keyword grouping

Quickly organize thousands of keywords in just minutes, in whatever way you need. Choose from our pre-made smart groups directory, create your own, or let AI guide you through the process.

Automatic keyword labels for branded, highly localized, potentially irrelevant keywords

Never let misleading keywords creep into your keyword strategies and distort your data.

The SEO Opportunity metric

A comprehensive metric that considers all factors: search volumes, rankings, SERP features, competition, and user intent. This allows you to effortlessly select your top-performing keywords and weed out the ones that aren’t working.

Accurate, reliable data at keyword group level

Never be confused by keyword data that’s presented at the group level.

  • Aggregated close variants and their volume
  • A reliable Visibility metric that passed all its challenges
  • A metric that makes SERP features usable: % of searches that end up clicking on organic results

Track & Deliver them

Show your clients the impact of your SEO campaigns in terms of sessions and conversions.

A solution for Analytics’ (not provided) where GA and Search Console integration brings your sessions and conversions back to the keywords that generated them. And your capability to segment them into branded (direct) and non-branded (SEO) while tracking your progress against your forecast objective.

The best keyword tracking frequency made simple and affordable.

Daily insights from your entire data surfaced with Signals.

Your assistant examines all your keywords, groups, and campaigns daily, just as you would if you had unlimited time. And surfaces the things that would catch you attention: wins, loses, issues, opportunities and competitor moves.

All competitors always tracked.

Get content optimization opportunities for the pages that matter the most – the ranking pages of your daily tracked keywords.

The data is yours. It can be accessed as much as you want, by as many people as you want, through any interface, without any limits or additional costs.

Unlimited users, API access and integrations. with Looker Studio and Google Sheets.

Keep control at scale with an overview of all your SEO campaigns

A Visibility metric that is relevant, reliable, consistent and transparent. For your organic results and SERP features listings.

With daily ranks on both devices, search volumes accurately processed, expressed as an impression rate on a list of keywords you get to see the truth about your SEO performance trend. Even when the keywords in the list change.

Understand what’s behind any Visibility change in seconds.

Monthly updates for unlimited keywords with zero costs

Start tracking the keywords you want to focus on next, keep an eye the rest in the Keyword Vault.

Daily desktop & mobile ranks with 99.9% SLA. Reliable Search Volumes calibrated by YoY trends and the SERP features’ impact.

Get rid of error-prone spreadsheets, unreliable data and hard-to-maintain formulas.

Efficient keyword discovery with a carefully curated database. Always updated. Unrestricted.

The (not provided) reconnects keywords with organic sessions and conversions.

See all critical client data in one place. Check the pulse of every campaign.

Build consolidated reports with the API, Looker Studio or Google Sheets integrations. At no additional cost.

Designed for SEO teams

SEO Directors

Track rankings accurately and in-depth for hundreds of campaigns with tens of thousands of keywords. Automate the process of identifying SEO opportunities and potential problems with daily updates on both desktop and mobile — at a price your tools budget will love.

Account managers

Easily report status on organic performance with the integrated Visibility Explainer. Manage the reporting process and make sure it’s always delivered on time with the Agency Dashboard.

Sales managers

Create accurate data-driven SEO forecasts that will win more pitches in a few minutes. Show customers what the impact of their campaign will have on the bottom-line with keyword data mapped to conversion and goals using organic traffic connectors. Unlimited campaigns for only €99 / month.

Technical SEOs

Identify issues with your campaigns on exactly the keywords you care about the most using Content Audit. Quickly see if the changes you’ve made have influenced SERP feature inclusion with tracking for all SERP features.

Radu Marcusu


When we show up at a pitch and we are the only ones with this level of SEO forecasting, we win the campaigns.

Benjamin Beckwith


SEOmonitor providing free one-off snapshots of rankings was great. We often track 20-25,000 keywords with certain clients, and it’s not viable to track that daily.
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Declan Reilly


SEOmonitor working with agencies stood out to us when we were doing the demo call. The account manager understood all our pain points and requirements.
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Dave Nillson


The client said we were the first agency that committed to showing what we could do for their business with SEO Forecasting. That was a defining factor in getting them to sign with us.

Integrated with your tools

All connectors are free to use and part of your subscription

Google Analytics & Search Console

Connect keyword data from Search Console with sessions and conversions from Analytics. Works with GA4.

Data Studio

Pull your SEO campaign data into Data Studio and continue reporting on the same dashboards as before.

Google Sheets

Use the Google Sheets connector to quickly calculate additional metrics using SEOmonitor data, including ranks, forecasts, and organic traffic.

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