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Help your clients understand the true
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solution, or in-depth proposal builder.

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We help your team have better control over their processes so they can manage more customers. They’ll always know what’s going on and where to focus their attention. From campaign portfolio-level metrics to groups and keywords. All in a dashboard built for agencies.

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Be part of your customers’ daily routine. We developed apps, add-ons and integrations to assist your reporting and client management and keep them in the know.

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With SEOmonitor, you get all the features, unlimited users and API access on a keywords & website based fee.
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Keywords tracked daily on &
Websites tracked
330/month Price per 1.000 keywords: 27
  • Volume discount applied -25%
  • Zero costs for pitching purposes

Volume discounts per keywords usage

Price per 1.000 keywords: 27


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SEO agencies guide our product development

We constantly grow our SEO agency solutions and use design sprints to innovate in a fast, reliable way. We first identify a specific SEO agency problem to solve and tackle it to gain a deeper understanding of its context and implications.

After gathering insights from different users and roles, we get to the drawing board. We develop multiple solutions to answer the SEO agency problem at hand, using creative design thinking exercises.

We, then, present the sketched solutions, debate every aspect and evaluate the winning features, based on a solid voting system. Everyone shares their concerns and experience, for a relevant outcome.

We create a well-thought prototype based on the voted solution and its particularities. After pinpointing your SEO agency’ needs, we now have a functional outcome that can be improved based on expert feedback.

We test our solution with SEO agencies, gather insights and further optimize it. We constantly iterate our products and features in a fast development loop. With each user validation, we inform our company decisions to help SEO agencies, just like yours. 

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