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Keyword Research

Research Unlimited Keywords at No Extra Cost

SEO Forecast

Create Accurate Forecasts in Minutes

Content Audit

Get Ranking-Focused Content Suggestions

Rank Tracker

Track Daily Progress on All Devices

Keyword Research

Research Unlimited Keywords at No Extra Cost

Get great keyword suggestions—no duplicated search volumes, navigational or low relevance.

See live ranks for keywords you add.

Capture up-and-coming
surges with seasonal grouping.

Auto-group keywords by website section with AI categorization.

Catch keywords with high search volumes but different results based on different locations, misspellings, or other close variations.

SEO Forecast

Create Accurate SEO Growth Models Fast

Forecast by setting granular ranking goals and time frames

See your ranking potential with the Chance Indicator.

Get keyword-level difficulty score and traffic estimates.

Set it as an client objective and report your progress towards it.

Get traffic and conversion estimates by month.

See every calculation in detail.

Content Audit

Get Rank-Focused Content Suggestions

Spot landing page changes which resulted in significant rank losses.

See where top competitors have dedicated pages for keywords you’re serving one page for multiple topics.

Identify optimal headings and title choices based on best volume keywords.

Rank Tracker

Track Daily Progress on All Devices

Track daily ranks on all devices with just €29,9 for each 1.000 keywords.

Understand ranking volatility with in-depth explainers.

See how you stack up against all your competitors.

Track content-changes’ impact in rankings.

Organic Traffic & Client Tracker

Show Clients Your Wins

Show your campaigns’ business-impact: Map keywords to sessions and conversions.

Deliver reports on time with automatic report tracking.

Get AI-driven alerts daily: Wins, Losses, and Competitor Moves.

Integrate with client-facing dashboards including Looker Studio.

Create your best keyword strategies.

Then pitch them as business cases.

Unlimited draft campaigns, keywords and forecasts, with no additional costs.

Bring all your keywords.

And make the best choices.

By using all possible metrics and attributes – reliably processed.

Discover the best keywords to focus on.


With a metric that takes into account all the keyword data to quickly surface for you the keywords that would bring the biggest impact in organic traffic with the lowest effort and risk.

Organize thousands of keywords

in seconds.

Choose from our smart groups directory and let AI organize your keywords by product or service categories.

Never let tricky keywords mislead you again, with

automatic labels.

For branded, seasonal, highly localized or irrelevant keywords for your business.

Data aggregated at group level.

That you can trust.

✓Aggregated close variants and their volume.

✓ A reliable Visibility metric that passed all its challenges.

✓ A metric that makes SERP features usable: % of searches that end up clicking on organic results.

The best keyword frequency.

Simple and affordable

Daily tracking on both devices,
as standard, at €29.9 / 1.000 keywords. So you don’t need to sacrifice data granularity for price.

Show your clients
the impact of your campaigns.

In terms of sessions and conversions

By attributing organic traffic data to the specific keywords that drove it.

All competitors.

Always tracked.

You don’t have to choose what competitors to track. We track them all from day one. So you can analyze the historic visibility or rankings of any website, anytime.

Understand what’s behind any Visibility change.

In seconds.

The Visibility trend explainer will quickly show you what happened at the keyword level that influenced the performance trend of a keyword group.

A Visibility metric
like no other.

Relevant, reliable, consistent and transparent.

Expressed as an impression share on a list of keywords you always get to see the truth and understand your SEO performance trend. On organic results and SERP features. Even when the keywords in the list change.

Get content optimization opportunities.

For the pages that matter most

The content audit is performed every day to surface the most impactful content changes you could make to reach your ranking goals.

Keep control while scaling.

With the Agency Dashboard

Get the status, trends, health, progress and highlights. At campaign, account or entire portfolio level. In numbers or MRR.

Daily insights from your entire data surfaced by Signals.

Your AI-driven assistant

Which examines all your keywords, groups, and campaigns daily, just as you would if you had unlimited time. And surfaces the things that would catch you attention: wins, loses, issues, opportunities and competitor moves.

The data is yours. Access it without restriction.

No additional cost.

Let your entire team and your clients access the data, and build consolidated reports with the API, Looker Studio or Google Sheets integrations. At no additional cost.

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Daily desktop & mobile ranks with 99.9% SLA. Reliable Search Volumes calibrated by YoY trends and the SERP features’ impact.

Get rid of error-prone spreadsheets, unreliable data and hard-to-maintain formulas.

The (not provided) reconnects keywords with organic sessions and conversions.

Ranking pages tracked. Content optimisation opportunities surfaced daily for all your tracked keywords ranking pages.

Efficient keyword discovery with a carefully curated database. Always updated. Unrestricted.

See all critical client data in one place. Check the pulse of every campaign.

Unlimited monthly rank tracking. Get SERP, search volume and ranking data for all of your keywords. At no additional cost.


Daily insights from your entire data surfaced by an AI assistant.

Build consolidated reports with the API, Looker Studio or Google Sheets integrations. At no additional cost.

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Benjamin Beckwith


SEOmonitor providing free one-off snapshots of rankings was great. We often track 20-25,000 keywords with certain clients, and it’s not viable to track that daily.
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Declan Reilly


SEOmonitor working with agencies stood out to us when we were doing the demo call. The account manager understood all our pain points and requirements.
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Radu Marcusu


When we show up at a pitch and we are
the only ones with this level of SEO forecasting, we win the campaigns.

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