Forecast 3.1

Forecast 3.1

Our latest updates to SEO Forecast are designed to help you better showcase the business value of your SEO efforts.

With new features like competitor benchmarking, extended forecasting options, and the ability to connect Google Search Console and Analytics, you have all the tools you need to show the business impact of your SEO strategies.

Worthy rival average ranks.

You can now add a competitor and view their average ranks, weighted by the search volume. This serves as a valuable reference point for setting your own forecast target ranks.

And if you’re working with clients, this feature will help you guide them towards more informed decisions.

More Granular SEO Forecasting with More Target Ranks & Extended Timeframes.

We understand the importance of precision in SEO forecasting. That’s why we’ve expanded the flexibility of our forecasting capabilities.

More target rank options: 9 options (2➝10) instead of 3 (1-3, 1-5, 1-10).

Additional forecast start dates: This month / Next month / 2 months from now / 3 months from now. And an extended forecast option.

These features help you get more precise projections and to demonstrate the long-term impact of SEO strategies to your clients and stakeholders.

Connect Google Search Console and Analytics to Estimate Business Impact

Now you can also connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts, even if you’re subscribed to the Forecast product only. With this data, our algorithm can calculate the Best-match Conversion Rate, estimated Additional Traffic, Inertial Traffic, and Improved Traffic, providing a complete estimation of the SEO outcomes and business impact.

This enables you to isolate the potential results of your SEO campaign and measure them against the total traffic throughout the forecast timeframe, highlighting the value of the SEO campaign and its contribution to the client’s or stakeholder’s business objectives.