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Don’t give up data granularity for costs. With our rank tracker, you get daily ranks for both devices — keeping consistency across all your keywords and campaigns.

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We start processing desktop and mobile ranking data at 00:00 AM for the monitored location. With user behavior replicated, you get the most accurate SERPs. Every day, before 8 AM.

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Get all the main keyword attributes in the SERP configuration. See SERP feature data and all competitors in TOP100. Analyze historic ranking performance for every website you need.

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Get the data you need, whenever you need it — free, unrestricted API access and exports, unlimited users, Data Studio integration, and more. Plus, you don’t have to delete what you don’t use. Just keep it safe with our archive feature.

Reliability first.

Our systems automatically adapt whenever Google updates mark up elements, double check anomalies, and trigger incidents when there’s an impact at scale. So you can trust what you see. Every time.

No fixed plans. No wasted resources.

With our price-per-crawl approach, you only pay for actively tracked keywords and websites. No wasted costs.