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Tracking SERP feature changes with dedicated Visibility metrics

Visibility on Local Pack, Top Stories and Featured Snippet

There are three SERP features that significantly influence a website’s organic visibility and traffic. It’s time to track and effectively measure your website’s performance in the local and news packs, along with the featured snippet.

As you’re already familiar with our global metric — the Visibility Score — these metrics work the same way.


They show your impression share on the tracked SERP feature, out of the total impressions generated by the keyword list showing the feature. It can be defined as the search volume of the keywords for which your website is featured in the Local Pack, divided by the total search volume of all the keywords for which the Local Pack is shown in the SERP.  SEO Campaign Dashboard

In the SEO Campaign dashboard, we’ve started displaying the Visibility for the SERP feature most relevant to your website, right next to the overall desktop & mobile Visibility Scores. You’ll also be able to analyze it on the chart, along with a traffic metric.

Tracking all of the SERP features over time

The changes in any SERP features are tracked daily on mobile and desktop. You can see them in:

  • the keyword events timeline:
  • and on the Ranking chart in the Keyword page: The Ranking Chart & the Featured Snippet Presence Chart

For the keywords with featured snippet, we also track the presence in it on a daily basis for both devices, in a dedicated chart.

Our goal regarding the SERP features has never been to just have them listed for each tracked keyword. We’re here on a mission to transform all of the available data into relevant and meaningful insights. This update is an important step forward in measuring the SERP features. But there’s still a lot more to do in order to really understand the impact of the SERP features in the organic performance of a website.

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