Product Updates

The new dashboard: designed for agencies

The Dashboard is where all of your Campaigns are listed and it is usually used for navigational purposes. To that aim, we’ve improved the user interface and the loading times.

But there’s another job-to-be-done that the Dashboard could help with: having an overview on your campaigns. And because Your campaigns are not necessarily All campaigns, we’ve introduced WorkspacesYour Workspace is the Dashboard configured for you, with your campaigns and columns (campaign properties).


A Forecast scenario can be set as an Objective. From that moment, daily, the actual non-brand organic traffic will be compared against the projection for it. When they match or the reality exceeds the projection, the Objective will be On target (green). When it falls Behind, it will turn yellow, and if it is below 50% completion rate, it will be marked as At risk (red).

Signals Insights

There’s a lot going on with the data in each campaign. Signals is constantly looking for important changes and insights that you might want to be aware of. And it’s now better integrated into the new Dashboard, so it can contribute to its “scanning for an overview” job-to-be-done.

Blended Visibility

For simplicity, we’ve added a new Visibility type: Blended (both devices). It is an average between the desktop and mobile Visibility. And it does a better job for the Dashboard’s overview purpose than just showing both visibilities next to each other. The overall Visibility is there to tell you how your campaign portfolio is performing. This might be particularly useful after an algorithm update, when assessing the impact it had.

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