Worry about scaling, not costs.

Tracking daily ranks and pitching new customers is critical in building an SEO agency. That’s why we are giving agencies that are just starting up grants up to 5000$.


The platform that actively works for you & your agency.
Visibility score
The algorithm behind it crunches data for the whole portfolio of keywords, takes into account rank changes, search volume and seasonality, to give you a reliable SEO performance metric. Both agencies and their customers use it to track daily performance.
Business Case Builder
You will be able to win more customers by translating ranking data into well-known business KPIs like additional transactions or high-value clicks.
Onboarding & Support
Once you've decided to join SEOmonitor, an onboarding expert will join you in multiple calls and on spot campaign analysis. The goal? To teach you everything you need to know to be successful with SEOmonitor.
Seamless account migration
Already using an existing SEO tool? Switching to SEOmonitor is easy. Our customer success team will assist you in the process.
SEOMonitor makes getting to the data you need to make recommendations, confirm insights and pull together reports frictionless.
James FinlaysonHead of Innovation at Verve Search
What I love about SEOmonitor is how easily it allows me to get a sense of the potential impact of a successful search campaign.
Kelvin NewmanFounder of BrightonSEO

How to qualify for Spark?

The Spark programme gives digital marketing agencies that are under 3 years old $5.000 grants that can be used to track a year's worth of 18.500 daily keyword rankings, tracked on mobile and desktop, full access to "Business Case Builder" and "Signals". At the moment the grants are for agencies in the UK and US.
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1 year Availability

unlimited access to all features.

18,500 keywords tracked daily on mobile & desktop

up to 1,110,000 ranks/month

up to 555,000 pages crawled/month

$ 5, 000/year

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Want to bring your existing data with you?

Our customers are agencies like yours and most of them were already using a tool or a mix of them. We easily imported all the data complete with historic rankings.
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We’ve increased the client conversion rates 5X using this methodology in our agency.
Chris SimmanceManaging Director at Optus Digital
The support team is really helpful and very speedy. If you have any question about the SEOmonitor they can help immediately.
Ilyas TekerFormer SEO Director at iProspect Chicago