Search trends & topics during COVID-19

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Search Trends after COVID-19

Free tool for SEO agencies to quickly understand market trends using our Year-over-Year data. Radical shifts in demand call for new data sets to analyze.

Client Health Tracker

With it, you can understand which clients are struggling the most and need immediate attention, and how your revenue might be impacted.

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If you are an SEO agency that already uses another vendor, you can get SEOmonitor for free during your existing contract.

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With SEOmonitor, you get all the features, unlimited users and API access on a keywords & website based fee.
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330/month Price per 1.000 keywords: 27
  • Volume discount applied -25%
  • Zero costs for pitching purposes

Volume discounts per keywords usage

Price per 1.000 keywords: 27


A Reporting system designed for SEO agencies

Stay in control of your Reporting process with our new integrated reporting system.

Use the Report Building assistant with automatically generated top insights and one-click slides generation for 3x faster reports.

Get your clients’ pulse with the feddback & engagement tracker.

Renegociate your contracts with our forecasting

Use the calibrated Search Volumes for “after COVID-19” market shifts.

Adapt SEO strategies to new business trends.

Discover hidden SEO opportunities to help your clients pivot.

Navigate uncertainty with positivity

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