A data scientist disguised as an app.
It’s called Signals for a reason.
Every keyword, topic and ranking gets meticulously analyzed and then surfaced in bite-sized insights. With just a quick glance you get to be on top of your campaigns.
Expand your business, not your backlog
Organise your teams with tasks straight from the app. Something should be checked 7 days from now? Just snooze it. Need to keep track of a “cannibalization” problem? Share it with your technical team.
Grow and nurture your leads
With up-to-date insights you’ll always have a personalised nugget of information for your sales meetings and calls.
What percent of data do you analyse?
There's a myth that we are using only 10% of our brain's capacity. Isn't it the same with your SEO tools? Signals is designed to analyze every datapoint in your dataset.


The platform that actively works for you & your agency.
SEOMonitor makes getting to the data you need to make recommendations, confirm insights and pull together reports frictionless.
James FinlaysonHead of Innovation at Verve Search
First class onboarding by phone and ever-present help over Intercom.
Mark ChurchillDigital Marketing at Wealth Club