Search Trends 2.0: keywords, niches & industries

When we first developed Search Trends after COVID-19 in March, we knew that agencies needed this kind of data fast, as the pandemic was creating dramatic shifts. So we optimized for time to market.

Now, we’re launching Search Trends 2.0, the faster, better-looking version we’ve been envisioning since the crisis started.

And with a new critical feature for your SEO team — the ability to analyze niches and industries

With Search Trends 2.0, you’ll be able to explore:

• Keywords — exploding or tanking top keywords and specific keywords you’re targeting, that you can search for just like before.

• Niches — collections of keywords that particular websites rank for, and their exploding or tanking trends. For example, if you need to understand how “contact lenses” shifted in demand, you can search for a specific website that sells them.

• Industries — collections of keywords that the top websites in the main industries rank for, and their exploding or tanking trends. For instance, a site like TripAdvisor informs the search trends in the Travel industry.

Plus, July data is coming soon.

Try it and find out what’s different!


One more thing:

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11 Aug 2020