Help me communicate more frequently with clients

Don’t wait until the monthly report. Communicate victories and opportunities as soon as you find them. Or, as soon as Signals finds them. Use the mobile app, or the in-app integration to be up-to-date with the insights from your data surfaced by Signals. And when there’s something to be communicated, just do it.

Help me craft the best monthly reports on time

The monthly reporting is your best moment to show your clients the value of your work. Make the most out of it. Put together all your victories. Make it easy to read, and don’t forget to send it on time. We built a reporting system specifically for that. It will assist you in making your reports better, faster and on schedule.

Traffic grew because of our SEO performance

By referring to non-brand organic traffic only, the SEO performance will not be obscured by brand traffic fluctuations. By plotting the monthly Visibility trend and the search seasonality on top of the non-brand organic traffic, you’ll make sure that SEO performance will get correlated with traffic improvement.

Explain “what happened” when the Visibility fluctuates

Your retention is not affected by the Visibility trends, but your team’s capability to confidently explain them. Quickly get clarity on campaign or group performance changes with our Visibility trend explainer. And, at keyword level, our SEO timeline highlights what happened that might have influenced the rank change.

Help me take clients’ pulse, regularly

If you want to know how happy your clients are, just ask them. The monthly report is the best time to do it. Sending your reports with our system will help you gather their feedback and engagement, so you can constantly know where you’re standing.

…Know which client is most likely to churn

Your clients’ feedback and their engagement with monthly reports will best indicate an imminent churn. Look for the Visibility trend – it projects optimism or the opposite. Finally, you should track how well you’ve met their expectations. For those underperforming campaigns, communication is you best tool to retain your clients.

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