Bird’s eye view of your client reports:

Quickly know your team’s status for the current reporting period.

Have all your accounts and reports organized in one place.

Check all your designated clients and their reports due dates in your Account Manager workspace.

Structured for your daily workflow:

Get notified on email when your reports are due. And overdue.

Integrated with Signals, our mobile app that pulls actionable insights from your SEO campaign data. On a daily basis.

Connect with our assistant and create a report, faster:

Enjoy the flexibility of Google Slides and SEOmonitor’s data accuracy with our smart assistant.

Be consistent and “on-brand” all the time with agency master templates.

Control all your reports with specific timeframes.

Insert top insights with one click.

No need to search any further for the relevant SEO data! Our assistant has already prepared the top insights from your campaign.

Choose the insights you want and we’ll do the rest: generating beautifully designed data & slides. Only a click away.

Edit your report together with our assistant for further content customization.

Get the clients’ pulse every month:

Once the report is done, see how your client interacts with it (opens & likes).

See which slides got more engagement and how satisfied is your client.

Take the “pulse” in the best possible moment: after they read your report.

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Integrated with our Forecasting module:

Our forecasting tool models the non-brand organic traffic in time, based on your SEO goal, but taking into account all the forces influencing it. Once you set a realistic goal, our platform measures your results against that objective. Now, you can easily include its status in your monthly reporting.