Year-over-Year search trends.
When averages fail.

Don’t get mislead by search volumes. Get the full story of your keywords with 12-month search averages and Year-over-Year trends side by side. Know what’s here to stay when others don’t.

The Search Trends research tool

Discover trending and tanking keywords, niches, and industries based on Year-over-Year search volume data. Help your clients understand the real demand.

Shifting Trends uncovered

See the shifting trends in your specific market with Year-over-Year search data, expressed as a percentage or multiplier. At a keyword and group level. Get what trends are exploding or tanking while others don’t. Keep track of them with our automatic smart group.

Fully integrated

A trustworthy SEO Forecast

In the Forecast section, your growth scenarios also take into account Year-over-Year search data for your keyword list. One more variable to keep your SEO proposal reliable.