The Visibility metric.
Consistent. Accurate.

See an accurate representation of a website’s position in Google for a targeted keyword list. Visibility is expressed as a percentage and calculated as an impression share of the keywords’ total search volume. Calibrated for consistency.

Designed to be reliable.

Get daily ranks for mobile and desktop no later than 8 AM — as standard. From anywhere in the world. With calibration and error-proof systems in place for more accuracy.

The brand/non-brand segmentation.

The platform automatically detects your website’s navigational keywords and separates them in a Brand group. These keywords usually have high search volumes, are owned by your website, and can unfairly inflate your Visibility.

Even more, there’s an automatic Brand of others label in place so you know when other branded keywords appear in your list.

No misleading keywords.

SEOmonitor’s error-proof systems automatically exclude very low search volume keywords, detect and label misspellings, irrelevant and highly localized keywords, and more.

Google Ads Search Volumes. Made reliable.

SEOmonitor’s calibration systems keep the Visibility metric accurate.

With the aggregated close variations, you won’t get any duplicates or inflated search volumes that distort your group-level metrics.

Historic values for consistency.

The platform stores both ranks and average search volumes daily, at a keyword level. So the historical values are always accessible and make the Visibility trends consistent.

Designed to be transparent.

The powerful Visibility Explainer helps you understand your real SEO performance trends. The graph Annotations automatically highlight when an external event impacted the Visibility.

The Visibility Explainer.

Know the trend of your performance-only Visibility for both devices in the selected timeframe. Discover which keywords impacted any growth or drop with rank and search volume changes. Get an overview or dig deeper. Always get the numbers in context.

Every level of performance.

Understand the Visibility trend of your client portfolio, campaign, and keyword groups. For both devices.

Automatic Annotations.

The Visibility chart get automatically annotated whenever you add or delete keywords, or other external events impact the metric. So you know when a performance-related or a campaign setup change happened and why.

Historic changes uncovered.

Explain what happened with the landing page change detection. You’ll know which keywords influenced Visibility and how the ranking page change might’ve affected it. By device.

Performance over time.

Compare timeframes for a specific keyword group and understand the Visibility trend. Check the updated daily charts for a snapshot. Look at the percentage change for your overall keyword list or each keyword group in your campaign.

Growth opportunities in check.

Discover new opportunities for growth with the Visibility metric. Understand what’s your website’s market share and where there’s room for improvements. Evaluate every keyword group and its competition.

Top competitors by Visibility.

See top websites by Visibility for a targeted keyword group. Understand who your real competitors are for a specific category. The Rank Tracker automatically uncovers all competitors in Top 100 for your keyword list and sorts them by Visibility, in a descending view.

The SERP features’ Visibility.

Discover your keyword group’s Visibility for specific SERP features — Local pack, News, Hotels, Featured Snippets. Adapted from the main Visibility metric, it shows the SEO performance trend of a website listed in the specific SERP feature.