Smart Keyword Groups.
More granular. Faster insights.

Powered by our Advanced Filters, Smart Groups help you segment your keywords efficiently based on any criteria you need. They automatically populate and refresh daily. So you have all the groups you need for better insights.

Use the predefined

Select predefined Smart Groups when creating a new campaign and get relevant keywords automatically sorted based on Opportunities, Issues, Shifting Trends, Seasonality, Usage, and more. Get ahead of your keyword list.

Create your own

Select from numerous keyword attributes, ranking and traffic data, and logical operators to create the Smart Groups your SEO strategy needs. Increased efficiency, faster decisions.

Use case examples:

Define and aggregate performing keywords.

Discover high opportunity keywords.

Quickly identify
landing page issues.

wasteful keywords.
Control costs.

Discover rank discrepancies and adjust your strategy.

See Shifting Trends when others don’t. Your competitive advantage.