Page issues detection. Your technical audit’s missing link.

Discover the page issues only a rank tracker can identify. Spot cannibalization problems, fix missing landing pages for relevant keywords, check page changes that affect rankings, and more.

Missing relevant page

Quickly see when relevant content is missing for your tracked keywords. We analyze the Top 100 results and do a secondary crawl including your site: domain if the keywords aren’t detected. So you can just see where’s the issue and fix it.

Desired ranking page

Set the desired landing page for a tracked keyword. See where it doesn’t rank and decide what you need to do next. Stay in control.

Key changes on your page

See how key changes on your landing pages affect your tracked keywords’ performance. Discover when the best ranking page changed due to on-page updates. Know when it’s time to intervene.

Cannibalization issues

Discover what landing pages compete for your tracked keywords. Pick the best one and fix the problem.