The Keyword Opportunity Score.
Tackle your best keywords first.

Quickly assess your keyword list with a metric that takes into account all their main attributes. The Opportunity Score highlights the SEO effort required versus additional traffic brought once ranking at the top. Know which keywords are the best opportunity now.

All the main keyword attributes.

The Opportunity Score is calculated with both quantitative and qualitative keyword attributes in the mix. It works as a percentile (1-10) where 10 represents the top 10% of your keyword list and 1 represents the bottom 10%. So you know the full potential of a keyword or a group relative to all tracked keywords in a campaign.

Search data.

The Opportunity Score uses the average monthly searches and their Year-over-Year trend to evaluate the quantity of a keyword. Or a group.

The SERP features’ impact.

The % of searches that end up clicking on organic results is a metric that defines the quality of the keyword.

We calculate it as the ΣCTR, which is the sum of the Top 10’s average CTR values based on each keyword’s mix of SERP features.

Current performance.

The CTR difference between the current rank and Top3 is another input for the Opportunity Score. So you understand the potential new monthly clicks once your site ranks in Top3.

Personalized with the Keyword Difficulty.

With its integration with the personalized Keyword Difficulty, the Opportunity Score is calculated for your website specifically. You’ll see a full breakdown of the SEO Difficulty of a keyword or a group and understand what it takes to reach the first positions.

Spot the highest opportunity.

For each tracked keyword or group, you’ll get an estimate of additional sessions, conversions, and revenue once in Top 3. Filter your keywords by Opportunity and prioritize them accordingly.