Unlimited keyword data and
monthly keyword tracking

Add a list of as many keywords as you wish. Get SERP, search volume and ranking data for all of them.

Keep the list to get monthly updates. Move the keywords to the Rank Tracker
if you want to track them daily.

Keyword data this instant.

All SERP features. With a metric to understand their impact

Measure the real organic traffic you can impact — beyond the SERP features. The % of clicks on organic results, calculated for the SERP features mix on each device, highlights how many searches remain for you to leverage. So you stay ahead of the CTR curve.

Year-over-Year Search Trends. When averages fail.

Know what keywords are exploding or tanking when others don’t. Adjust your SEO research analysis with the Year-over-Year data.

Get monthly updated ranks for your website

Get a monthly snapshot of your keywords for the first 100 ranks on desktop. Just import a CSV file or add the manually
and SEOmonitor will process them.

The group-level data helps you sort your research.

Search Visibility

See an accurate representation of a website’s position in Google for a group of keywords. SEOmonitor’s visibility is expressed as a percentage and calculated as an impression share of the keywords’ total search volume. Calibrated for consistency.

SERP features at the group level

The group level SERP data takes into account all SERP features to give you an accurate overview of how many organic clicks you can expect to get for the entire group.

Calibrated search volumes

Google Ads search data wasn’t created for SEO. We’ve fixed that. Our calibration systems make sure you never get duplicated search volumes for close variations. We update it as soon as Google Ads publishes it.

Competitors data at your fingertips.

All competitors tracked

Discover top competitors by Visibility for all your tracked keywords or specific keyword groups.
We automatically identify all of them from the start. You choose the ones you want to focus on.

And more.

Integrated with the Rank Tracker

You can easily select which keywords you want to track with daily granularity on both mobile and desktop. 5.000 are already included in the minimum plan and the rest come at just $29.9 / 1.000 keywords.

Unlimited API access and exports

You own the data, so you can access it without any limit. Make as many programmatic requests as you need to. Set custom alerts or create custom reports with our Data Studio integration.

Pricing from €29.9 for 1.000 keywords tracked daily on mobile and desktop

Includes unlimited monthly tracked keywords.