Keyword Difficulty.
A metric just for your website.

You can now use SERP feature data. Quickly and at scale. Our new metric estimates the SERP features’ impact for your SEO potential. While the SERP features timeline plots their trend over time.

Three levels. One goal.

The Difficulty labels highlight if you can reach Top 10 with your current topical authority and how tough the competition is. Make your campaign decisions fast and accurate.

Fully personalized

Discover the keywords to leverage next — fully personalized for your most relevant landing page. Unlike other tools out there, we process the topical authority of the relevant landing page, based on ranking data, and critical on-page SEO factors. So it’s always custom.

Integrated throughout the platform

Together with the SEO Opportunity.

Highest SEO impact at a glance. With SEO Opportunity, you get the SEO effort required (Difficulty-based) versus traffic potential once in Top 3. Quickly assess your keyword list.

SEO Forecasting’s Chance Indicator.

The Keyword Difficulty enhances our Forecasting feature’s reliability. We use it as an input to calculate your chance of reaching the set objective (targeted rank improvements in the given timeframe) as — realistic, ambitious or too ambitious.