Google Ads Search Volumes. Made reliable.

Google Ads data meets SEOmonitor’s calibration systems for reliable Search Volumes, designed for SEO. Analyse 12-month averages, Year-over-Year trends and Seasonality labels together. It’s all the search data you need to make an informed decision.

Accuracy first.

Google Ads search data wasn’t created for SEO. We’ve fixed that. Our calibration systems make sure you never get duplicated Search Volumes for close variations.

As fresh as they can be.

As soon as Google releases the monthly Ads data, we refresh it for all your keywords: 12-month averages, monthly search volumes and Year-over-Year. You always get the latest.

In & Out of Season.

Easily spot the highly seasonal keywords. Their searches peak for 3 consecutive months throughout the year. You’ll automatically see them labeled in the platform. Not all are so intuitive!

It’s a key part of the Visibility metric.

With the calibration in place, we ensure that the Visibility metric is as accurate as it can be. No duplicated search volumes. No artificially inflated Visibility.

The full story in search:

The 12-month average only tells you part of the story. With the Year-over-Year trend next to it, you get the complete picture of that keyword’s past. And future potential. That’s why you always see them together in our products.