Keyword data from anywhere. As broad or narrow as you need.

Create your campaign with the market level you need — global, country, region, or any city. You choose how broad or narrow your campaign is, we provide its ranking and search volume data.

Market-specific search data

Know the search demand of a keyword with market-related Google Ads data. You define the location, we pull the search volumes, trends, and CPC specific to it. Reliably processed.

Language-specific options

Same country, multiple languages? Focus on the one that matters for your campaign.

Multiple locations enabled

One country, more targets. Define multiple city or regions for country-level campaigns. Manage everything in one place.

Country-relevant ranking data

Google localizes every search at a city level, at least. To keep your data relevant, country level campaings pull national search volume data and rankings from the city with the largest population. So you get a realistic snapshot.