Free, unrestricted exports. Consolidated reports.

You own your campaign data, so you can retrieve it without any restrictions. Through exports and integrations.

The Sheets Add-on.

Easily import your campaign data in Google Sheets with SEOmonitor’s Add-on. No need for extra work to format your CSV files.

Full CSV export capabilities.

Extract any of your SEOmonitor data on demand, without worrying about restrictions or additional costs. You’ll see the download button throughout our platform. Once requested, you’ll receive the CSV file link in your inbox and in the Exports Dashboard, where you’ll also have your team’s exports history.

The Data Studio integration.

Most agencies do more than SEO for their clients. Pull the SEO performance data with SEOmonitor’s connectors and merge it with the other metrics you need in consolidated and reliable Data Studio reports. Develop complex dashboards for your teams and clients.

Custom reports with API access.

Integrate your campaign data into your desired reporting tool. Make as many programmatic requests as you want. It’s unlimited and free.