Folders. Groups. Labels.
For a granular organization.

With 3 levels of keyword grouping, get the granularity you need to organise every campaign with both business and SEO in mind. Define folders with nested groups, apply custom labels for specific products and services — map your keyword list to match your objectives.

One folder. Multiple groups

Folders are the first level of hierarchy. Whether mapping a business category or an SEO variable, you decide how you structure them. Then there’s groups. You can include multiple groups inside a main folder. For better segmentation.

Custom labels

Need more granularity? Define custom labels and manually assign them in specific groups. Filter by labels and you’ll get an aggregated view from multiple groups and Smart Groups in seconds — all rules applied.

Smart Groups inside

Surface even more data with the Smart Groups feature. Automatically populated and daily refreshed based on any criteria you need. So you make decisions efficiently.

The Edit mode.

Keyword management just got faster. The Edit mode helps you add or archive keywords with one check, manage groups and labels, edit criteria, and more.