Data migration. From any tool. Effortless. Free.

No need to worry about your historical ranking data. We bring all your data from any rank tracker when you decide to switch to SEOmonitor.

What’s your previous rank tracker?

We know migrating all your campaigns’ data can be a pain. That’s why we’ve developed an effortless process to import everything. Share your tool or exports and we’ll do the rest. Even create custom solutions for your case.

Let Customer Support take care of it

The migration process is transparent from start to finish. From the kick-off call to the live campaign, you get to know the real-time status. We do the migration, you just validate it.

The historical data you need

You can migrate all your projects, keywords and groups, ranking data on any location, frequency and device. We make sure you have it all imported in our platform.

Onboarding all the way

Your team gets the help needed to adapt your processes within our platform. We’re here for you at every step, with support and custom trainings. Have any questions?

Locked in?

You don’t have to pay twice when you switch! We’ll cover the cost for the same contractual period and resources in your current rank tracker.