All SERP features.
With one metric to sort them all.

You can now use SERP feature data. Quickly and at scale. Our new metric estimates the SERP features’ impact on your SEO potential. While the SERP features timeline plots their trend over time.


See what’s left for SEO

The % of clicks on organic results, calculated for the SERP features mix on each device, highlights how many searches remain for you to leverage. It’s not just about the search volume anymore. Prioritize your keywords and groups based on SERP features, too.

Historically consistent.
Or not?

Use the SERP features timeline of a tracked keyword to analyze their trend. See not just where, but when your website is listed. Keep an eye on every SERP feature change. Daily, on both devices.

Always in the know

Get a daily picture of SERP features on your keyword list. See how many of your keywords have a specific SERP feature present and where your website is or isn’t listed. We even go the extra mile and uncover your brand’s presence in the SERP features without a URL. So you always know where you stand.

Reliable and verifiable

Enhanced reliability

With our self-adjustable systems in place, you get reliable data each time. Enhanced with automatic alerts and other error-proof internal features.

Real-time transparency

Double check what you see in your browser and what our crawlers collect with our dedicated Chrome extension. Side by side.

Data specificity

Download the most recent HTML SERP files for your tracked keywords.

Fully integrated

The SERP features’ Visibility

Discover your keyword group’s Visibility for specific SERP features — Local pack, News, Hotels, Featured Snippets. A personalized metric for your website’s SEO performance.