Rank Tracker 2.4

Rank Tracker 2.4

We have updated the Rank Tracker to help you get even more control over the performance of your keywords. From Visibility explainer updates to your custom alerts, so you better trust the data and use it however you need to. 

Remove and recalculate the low-relevance keyword label.

The irrelevant keyword detection algorithm & functionality has been improved for more accuracy and data precision. Quickly remove the low relevance label and recalculate them after your competitor list has been updated.

Plus, now all your competitors—from any keyword group—are taken into account. So you never miss an opportunity.

Visibility Trend Explainer now includes search volumes and ranks.

Understand how the overall search volume and rank fluctuations impacted your keywords’ visibility, through the Visibility Trend Breakdown.

Get deeper into the analysis and understand the same correlation at a keyword level too. This way, you can always trust the data.

More alerts available for your Rank Tracker data.

Stay on top of any Visibility changes within your campaigns. Set your own alerts through the redesigned Account Settings view. Select what keyword groups you want to focus on, the Visibility threshold, how often, and where you need to get the alerts—through email or even webhooks.