Rank Tracker 2.3

Rank Tracker 2.3

The Rank Tracker 2.3 continues the new features and improvements releases as part of our user feedback loop process.

Discover how to leverage them:

Share of Clicks

New feature in Competition

We’ve launched the Share of Clicks to help you easily assess how your website’s search potential compares with other targeted competitors in the market.

Visualized as a pie chart, the Share of Clicks shows the estimated average monthly clicks your selected keyword group can bring to each analyzed website. It’s calibrated by search volume, Year-over-Year trends, and the % of clicks that end up on organic results.

Device-rank discrepancy warning

Optimized Landing page issues detection

Now you can quickly identify discrepancies between desktop and mobile keyword rankings on your landing pages.

Because we provide daily ranking data for desktop and mobile, when we detect a keyword ranking in Top 20 for one device and not ranking at all for the other, we’ll notify you.

Easily access this alert in the Strategy and Analysis views of the Rank Tracker, in the Keywords with landing page issues — top right corner of the keyword table. Or filter by it.

Remember that you can also download the keyword list with this type of issue.

Performance-only Visibility trend for Competitors

Updated metric

We’ve applied the same performance-only logic for your campaign’s Visibility Trend to the Competitors’ Visibility, so it’s not affected by non-performance actions like adding or deleting keywords.

Now we process the Visibility trend for Competitors only for the keywords that were tracked at both the beginning and end of your selected timeframe.

Other improvements

  • You can now add groups in your Brand folder for better keyword segmentation.
  • We’ve enriched the SERP feature detection list with the video carousel.