Product Updates

Rank Tracker 2.2

23 June 2022

The Rank Tracker 2.2 comes with improvements and new features, as a direct result of user feedback that we’ve gathered and implemented in the last quarter.

The Page X-Ray

New feature in the Keyword Performance tab

Correlate landing page historical changes with rank changes, directly overlaid in the performance graph. The Page X-Ray switch is enabled whenever changes appear. Each landing page has a different color, for better visualization.

The SEO Opportunity Score

Metric improvement

We’ve calibrated the SEO Opportunity score so it doesn’t get distorted by keywords with high search volume. Until now, the score was relative to the highest keyword in your list. Now, it works as a percentile and is relative to all the other keywords in the list — taking values from 0 to 10, where 10 represents the top 10% and 1 represents the bottom 10%. 

The SEO Opportunity score is a keyword-level metric that brings all the qualitative and quantitative attributes of a keyword into one metric that helps you sort the keyword list based on the opportunity to start optimizing the website for them right now.

Filtering capabilities

New filters added
  • Filter keywords by their Year-over-Year Search Trend.
  • Filter by the date a keyword was added to your campaign, with the option to choose between the exact date, before, or after.

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