(non-brand) Organic Traffic.
The only one you directly impact.

Our solution to the (not provided) reconnects keywords with organic sessions and conversions, so you can directly measure the non-brand organic traffic. With all the features you’re used to in Analytics. And new, powerful ones.

Analytics & Search Console. Magically connected.

All the keyword data from Search Console enriched with sessions and conversions from Analytics — through their common ground: the landing page. Combined to provide the (not provided).

Keyword data uncovered

See relevant keyword data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console side by side: sessions, conversions, average position, CTR etc. Decide which keywords are worthwhile.

The Landing Pages view

Analyze the sessions, conversions, and keyword list associated with your landing pages. Discover which ones are your next SEO opportunity.

Analyze the non-brand organic traffic.

We automatically segment brand and non-brand organic traffic. You can do the rest — create custom segments, filter keywords, choose desired goals.

Filters and Custom segments.

Segment your Organic Traffic data by a specific keyword name, landing page, brand, tracked or untracked keywords. Filter your keywords further by sessions, conversions, average position, and many other attributes.

All Goals and Transactions tracked.

We extract all the goals from your Google Analytics account.
You choose which you want to include in your agency’s reports.

Timeframes compared.

See how sessions, transactions, and revenue fare in daily, weekly, monthly, or custom timeframes.

Powerful integrations for more.

Once you set your desired forecast scenario as an SEO objective, you can track actual versus estimated traffic in the Organic Traffic section. Understand trends and find new keyword opportunities based on their performance. Start tracking them to optimize your strategy.

Correlate and understand.

Correlate organic traffic data with Visibility or Search Trends. We automatically segment branded and non-branded keywords, so you can trust that correlation. Understand which of the two forces is behind your traffic trend. Annotate your chart with any relevant observation.

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Includes unlimited monthly tracked keywords.