Notifications, Slack integration, and brand new email reports

Summer seems to increase our productivity so we’re ready to roll out a series of improvements, some of which you can already start to explore.

Email reports with engagement metrics

We know that our automated reports were a bit deprecated and lacked alignment with the latest developments of the platform. So in the past month, these got into our focus and we’re happy to introduce their new version.


They still have a standard design and metrics, but it’s now improved and slightly customizable.


Besides this, you can now see the history of all the reports sent, including data about who opened them or clicked on them.


Notifications via email or Slack

One of our product’s weaknesses has been the lack of automatic notifications. We’ve been deliberately postponing it, as we believe that using standard triggers and channels could easily diminish their value. And that happens because, when we receive a large number of notifications on channels that weren’t built for that purpose, we start to ignore them.


Automatic notifications were planned to only come after an important innovation that is still on our roadmap. Due to significant feedback received from our users, we have integrated SEOmonitor with Slack and started to craft the first relevant triggers.

The platform now lets you configure daily or weekly notifications to be sent to a specific Slack channel or via email, for those who are not using Slack yet. So as of today, you can receive notifications when the Visibility Score of a campaign or group registers an important change. Additional triggers will be developed in the future.

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