Product Updates

New API capabilities, Other owned media tracking & View-only user role

While working on the next big thing in SEOmonitor, we’re going to constantly allocate resources for further product improvement. So expect a product update from us every single week. Some of these updates are major and will be communicated in-app or via email, other are smaller improvements and you’ll either notice them when it’s the case or see them in the less-intrusive product portal that we’re launching soon. In there, you’ll also be able to see what’s next, propose new features and vote for those that are waiting in the pipeline, in order to prioritize them. Now let’s explore what’s fresh this week:

New API capabilities

1.Competition Insights — you can now extract almost all of the information you find in the Competition module. And not just for what you see in the interface, but for any competitor that is ranking on your tracked keywords.

2.The “Impact” column has been added to the keywords datapoint so you can sort the keywords by the impact their rank change had on the Visibility Score.

3.Performance-related Visibility Score trend — as all of our users rely on the way we distill the SEO performance from the Visibility Score (all the numeric Visibility changes in the interface), this metric is now available via API as well.

Other tracked media

Let’s say your campaign is on, but you’d also want to be taken into consideration for the ranks and Visibility Scores. We’ve enabled this so, on top of sub-domains, you can now add other owned domains for which you’d need to consider the ranks as well.


Website Settings

This improvement comes as an answer to several clients’ request, among which Sachin from Shopify, whose strong use-case inspired us to implement this.

View-only user role

There are lots of honest agencies that want to share our reports with their clients, to improve transparency — as Dan Butler from Builtvisible recently pointed out — , but they would need to prevent the clients from interfering with the accounts. So here’s the awaited view-only user role for them.

P.S. We’re 16-month GSC ready; just waiting for Google to lift the limits for their API as well.

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