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New Alerts feature: your clients’ health changes in your inbox

We recently introduced the Client Health Tracker in our agency dashboard for SEO teams/managers to know which of their clients are struggling and how their agency’s MRR might be affected, in real-time.  

With a clear view on Business Health after COVID-19 (conversions and sessions) and Campaign Health (SEO objective status), you will be able to act fast on average and bad health and plan for the short-term impact for your clients.

But a dashboard is as good as its frequency usage. We wanted to make the system proactive, so you’re in control and never miss an important change in your clients’ health.
So we’re launching email Alerts, which you’ll get when your campaigns change their Health status.

Triggers are a natural part of any habit and process as they help us react faster. With these actionable Alerts, you’ll know where your agency stands and what action is required of you now: maybe set a leadership meeting as soon as possible, do a post-mortem analysis or even create a crisis cell. 

This feature will be activated by default, but you can deactivate it at any time.

Also, Slack alerts are coming soon, so you can get them on your preferred channels. 

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